Suzi (4 Nov 2011)
"Frank, please elaborate...."

First, I'm not sure why you addressed your reply to Fay...but I'd very much like you to please explain exactly WHAT Halloween is about. What does the day/night symbolize/represent. What is it's significance in the grand scheme of things.

You said:

"Halloween is not a neutered holiday, satan is not a joke"

So, please tell me what it's all about.

If that letter you wrote to Fay was meant for me, since you referenced my letter (via the link), then you totally did not get a word I said!

And once again, I'm doing what I said I would not do, argue a point with someone who does not get the point. You seem to WANT to give Satan more power, more influence in your life. I guess that's fine...for you.

I never said "Jesus did not die so we could be free to celebrate pagan holidays", as you wrote! I said that doing anything on any given day is NOT the same as celebrating a 'pagan holiday'. I said (or tried to explain) that when Jesus came, he wiped the calender CLEAN of all those old ways! *remember, even the Jews were doing animal and food sacrifices, just as the pagans were*.

Since I didn't burn a goat in my front yard or 'community bonfire', and the Church group who gave out candy in the park didn't either, I guess we are safe, huh?

Sorry Frank, but I just do not understand where you are coming from, and it's very obvious you do not 'get' me either.

I came out of a life of Witchcraft...I know what Halloween 'was'...I know now what Hollywood has created it to be. I know that as a Christian, I can still go out and have fun w/ kids in costumes and NOT be damned to hell. I do not live in fear of anything Satan has tried to steal. All the days belong to God, it's only when YOU choose to 'give' Satan credit or reverence on any day that he can 'take it'. Instead of hiding our heads in the sand, we need to be taking a STAND and educating those who do not know the Truth.

I'm sorry you are so full of fear, and you don't seem to want to be 'out amongst' the lost and trying to be a light for those who can't see their way Home.