Suzi (4 Nov 2011)
"Thank you Linda."

There are far worse 'wiccan high days' on the calendar, and for Christians to focus so much fear and worry on one night, giving Satan 'credit' is just what he wants for us.

For the first time in years our local community didn't do the 'parade & treats' at the Civic, but a local church put on a festival & candy walk. It was a super cheap ($3 per wrist band gave the kids unlimited games *w/ prizes being all Christian related items*, and cheap snacks for everyone). If they do it again next year, I might look into donating candy to them for the 'trick or treat lane' they set up, since it was obvious by the size of the crowd that they were not going to have enough candy. I'd also like to see other groups come into the act, setting up bigger and better displays (they had 2 or 3 bounce houses/slides & our antique city Carousel going), plus simple games...if some of the other churches added to it, they could do a larger 'lane', winding around the area (this was set up within a roped off area, with a few chairs set up w/ baskets of candy). I'd like to see something for the teens too. A 'haunted house', with Biblical truths is actually much 'scarier' than some tv/movie monsters!!! I have a friend who's brother works with a Christian group in Southern Ca. and they do the 'house of horrors' type set up showing the horror of real life tragedy (drinking and driving, abortion, et al). They go about 1000 kids walking through it, all leaving with tracts/other Christian info.

I think a community (especially a small one like ours), could even have the local law enforcement involved like they do for 'scared straight' type displays, and the 'Every 15 minutes' program the local High School does, all those things would be perfect for a night that is associated with things that scare people (most who don't know Jesus are afraid of death). But even the local medical/dental groups (like you see at Health Fairs) could come out and give out the little sample packs they do *tooth brushes/floss or sm. first aid kits*.

Maybe I need to get to work for next year and ask the City if that's possible. Especially since most those groups set up (w/ PAID spaces) at the weekly 'Thursday Night Marketplace' (Farmer's Market), that ends the 2nd week of Oct. If they had those groups set up their tents/tables w/ Fall themes...then go the extra bit and show some 'real life' scary stuff *even if it was a behind a curtain walk in for older kids to see*, THAT would be a way to 'take back' the night and use it for good. Civic groups mixed with Christian? How could that be bad for our community? I see any opportunity to spread the Word as a positive!!

Even the pumpkin carving would be fun, have some hollowed out, ready to carve pumpkins...then offer those printed out stencils w/ positive/fun/beautiful designs on them, and let the artistic positivity flow!! Even if you charged a small fee to cover costs, families would LOVE this kind of 'fair'.

I would really love it if it were a 'Harvest' festival, since too many people just seem to jump over and forget about it could actually be a multifaceted event.

Well, I've done what I said I would not..keep talking about this. But again, any time I see or hear people giving Satan 'credit' for stuff...I want to just scream, 'hasn't he done enough already? Don't give him more!! TAKE IT BACK!!!'. Jesus died for us so that we wouldn't have to be under that curse...we are FREE. Don't willingly put the shackles back on!

Thanks for letting me vent!