Susan Armstrong (28 Nov 2011)
"Texas Sue:  re: Clay Cantrell, re: Texas Sue - Damascus & Rapture Linked"

Clay, I read your post and all the links you  included.  I was especially amazed at the one with your earlier experiences with God that lead you to the information on the "Great Exchange" and mathematics.   The great exchange is the perfect way to capture that event in the near future.  The information that the Holy Spirit gave you about the fallen angels, demons, and satan coming down to earth as we leave  completely confirms what I saw a few years ago when Holy Spirit showed it to me.  Thank you so much for posting and giving more insight.
Out of the blue last week, I was prompted by the Lord to look up Baalbek and learn more about it.  I was vaguely aware of it as one of those mystery sites where huge stones were involved and no one knew how they got there.  I knew nothing else until I began to research.  Then I found that it is next door to Damascus and in line with Mt Hermon where the Genesis 6 business occurred.  That is when I realized that this was a "command center" for the enemy and an area that was coming up for judgment because of the gross perversion of God's creation.  Also, for all of the idolatrous worship of false gods over thousands of years.  It all just clicked that as the false gods are thrown down, we will go up.   It all came together and I saw the connection to the earlier vision.  Thanks again for sharing Clay.  You really shined some light on this.