Steve W (11 Nov 2011)
"Hey Nicole, Say it ain't so."

Nicole said, "  I will keep what the Lord tells me to myself and let everyone else be on their own?   Is that wise?    Should it make no difference that I started dying last year and came back for a purpose?

I think I have finished my purpose on the Doves and will be moving to a Youtube or another form of ministry."  
Hey Nicole
Say it ain't so
For Five Doves sake
Please don't go !
 Dear Nicole,
Your posts are bold and brash. They are colorful and candid. You're the quintessential "party girl" come to Jesus. You're a modern day Mary Magdalene. (And yes, that's a compliment) That's why I and so many at Dove's love reading your letters. Do I agree with everything you post ? Heck no. But I thoroughly love reading what you bring to the table and the keen insight you have with spiritual matters. You're not afraid to tell like it is. You wear your emotions on your sleeve. You dare say things that others only think. We have gotten to know Nicole from So Cal. You've shared your story. One of heartaches and sorrow, yet one of redemption and grace. You were radical in the world, now you're radical for Jesus. You stand out amongst others, not afraid to be real and open.
We at Five Dove are a motley crew. Wouldn't you agree ? We have different views on the rapture. Some of us think the Trib has commenced, others say it is yet
to come. Some say this person is the A.C., others say we don't know who it is yet. For some of us, the seals have opened, yet to others there is no way they could have yet opened. We don't all have the same theology on peripheral issues. We can get angered over others posts. Roll our eyes at someone's latest dream or vision about the rapture. We also can shout out a big "Right on!" when someone shares a point we are on the same page with. Thus is the nature of Five Doves. That is the uniqueness and beauty of a site like this. We are all so different in many ways yet we all have one thing in common, Jesus has chosen us... we are His Bride.
The drawback with Internet communication is we can't see and hear the other person. We are prone to draw conclusions of what others may think of us or what
we have said solely based on the words we have typed. It is easy for us to get offended. We see it from time to time. Yet for the most part, if one has posted regularly
on Doves, we can glean personality types and understand their comments (though we may disagree). This enables us a certain measure of patience and grace
when we feel like someone has not been kind and respectful. For the most part, I have seen a good measure of respectfulness and kindness in the face of disagreement. Another uniqueness fostered by John Tng, the owner of Doves. (Thanks John)
I'm sure I could speak for many of us Nicole, we enjoy reading your daily posts. You bring a freshness and uniqueness that only you can bring. You're posts are
often bold and brash, yet that is precisely what we enjoy about what you write. Though disagree we may from time to time, your passion for Jesus is beautiful to see. So please, continue to write. You are appreciated, wanted, and loved. Keep up the good world Nicole!
Steve W.