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"We have to be willing to walk with God for as long as it takes"

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Bible studies: # 24: We have to be willing to walk with God for as long as it takes
November 20, 2011
The Jewish Apostle Peter explains that people praised God that a man above 40 had been healed. Enoch was the first man who was “taken by God”. But first he had to walk with God for 300 years.

Enoch walked with God for 300 years. Than God took him away. Your walk will surely be much shorter.

Act 4:21-22

After further threats they let them go. They could not decide how to punish them, because all the people were praising God for what had happened. For the man who was miraculously healed was over forty years old.

To be above 40 and a believer of Jesus was quit an age. Because in the first days of Christianity, the faithful were martyred like their Master by a violent and wicked generation.

Adam had to live on Earth for 930 years. After being banished from the Garden of Eden, this life was surely full of misery and pain. Since the Earth was full of violence and wickedness, Adams life must have been like a horror show. We do not know the final judgement of Adam. The Bible is silent on this topic.

Outside of Noah`s family, we can read about a man who was going to be saved by God of the Bible in his present time. That was Enoch. But Enoch had to walk with God for 300 years, before God took him away.

In the New testament area, God had already shortened mans life on earth to 120 years. For our own good, I presume. That non of us is able to cross that age limit, is a brilliant proof of the correctness and divinity of the Bible. God is faithful to the written Word. Many men might speak a lot of strange things, and claim they have got some revelations from God most High.

But the perfect written Jewish scriptures found in the Bible is the truth. It will never be proven wrong.

Since men should no longer walk on Earth more than 120 years, the Jewish Apostles did not have to suffer long on this fallen and wicked Planet Earth. If the purpose of our faith is a long, healthy and prosperous life on Earth, Jesus Him self could have died and resurrected at the age of 90. Jesus did not. He died in his early 30-ties. And only three years into His Ministry on Earth.

John the Baptist is another example. The cousin of Jesus was beheaded when the Messiah walked on Earth. We do not know the exact age of the apostle Steven, the day he was stoned to death. But I guess He was a young man, who was stoned to death before the even crossed 30 years of age.

Should we than long for, and desire, an early departure from our flesh?

Absolutely not. We are in the service of Jesus the Messiah, and He decides our entry point and the time of our departure. We serve Him with peace in our Heart and gladness on Earth, as we will continue to serve Him with gladness in the Kingdom of Heaven. We will walk with Him on Earth as long as it takes.

But to very frank. If I could chose today, I will say as Paul:

Philippians 1: 23-24.

I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far, but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body.

A typical sign of an unsaved «Christian», is that He is scared of dying. Because He has not understood that He is saved, and are not sure where he is going. And as Paul explained.

Philippians 1:21

«For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain».

Many false Christians teach that the purpose of our faith is a long life in the flesh. They are ruled by many fleshy desires, and have been deceived by the Prince of this World.

The purpose of our faith is the salvation of our soul, and eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

First published 29th of September 2009.

Written by Ivar


Pakistan bans “obscene words” like “Jesus”
November 20, 2011
SMS-er’s in Pakistan better start watching their language.

This kind of messages can bring you to the Sharia law courts of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s telecommunications authority sent a letter ordering cell phone companies to block text messages containing what it perceives to be obscenities, Anjum Nida Rahman, a spokeswoman for Telenor Pakistan, said Friday.

It also sent a list of more than 1,500 English and Urdu words that were to be blocked.
The order was part of the regulator’s attempt to block spam messages, said Rahman. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority refused to comment on the initiative.

Many of the words to be blocked were sexually explicit terms or swear words, according to a copy of the list obtained by The Associated Press.

It also included relatively mild terms like fart and idiot.

The reasons for blocking some words, including Jesus Christ, headlights and tampon, were less clear, raising questions about religious freedom and practicality. Any word could conceivably be part of a spam message.

The letter, which was also obtained by the AP, was dated Nov. 14 and gave cell phone companies seven days to implement the order.

Rahman, the Telenor spokeswoman, said her company first received the letter Thursday and was discussing how to proceed.

“It’s a big issue, so it is being examined carefully from all points of view,” said Rahman.
The letter said the order was legal under a 1996 law preventing people from sending information through the telecommunications system that is “false, fabricated, indecent or obscene.”

It also stated that free speech can be restricted “in the interest of the glory of Islam.”
Under pressure from Islamists, Pakistan has blocked pornographic websites and ones deemed anti-Islamic. Last year, it temporarily banned Facebook because of material on the site deemed offensive to Islam.

Source: The Blaze

My comment:

The Norwegian Telecom major “Telenor” is one of the largest mobile providers in Pakistan. There are now 100 million mobile phone subscribers in this nation alone.

That Telenor will be forced for obey Sharia Laws, should not come as a huge surprise.

I guess it will be just a matter of time, before this kind of SMS-ban will be enforced also in Norway.

Words like “Jesus” is an offense to the Muslim minority in Norway, and should be avoided in the multicultural society.

SMS’es that use the word “god” is the political correct expression of salvation. People of all colors and creeds can agree, and there will be “peace” on Earth.

The One World Religion is emerging, with the help om telecom majors. Telenor was built up with your tax money. Every month a million Norwegians pay bills from this company, and support this corporation.

Written by Ivar


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