Steven Prieur (5 Nov 2011)
"Kislev 24"

Hey Doves,
    I have like most of you become discouraged in our soon departure from our earthly vessels to our new ones. I have listen to my educated pastor and such try to say date setting was wrong in may ways. They give many valid points but i still see no evidence stating it was sinful.
     I see Marlyn's posts for her justification of Kislev 24 as a proposed rapture date. I have done some of my own research as well into this. Sooner than later is more likely.
    Looking at the world through the eyes of a Soldier and have seen evil face to face in Afghanistan. It was a difficult place for a believer, especially you are a Combat Soldier who has been shot at and having to perform my military duties. Enough with.
    The minute Israel strikes Iran it is all going down hill. I can not see the rapture happening any other way.....
    I strongly believe Obama will drag us into a war in the middle east again, (if you knew what i would you would agree)
    He is not going to give up his power, I believe he has plans for that. He has been the biggest down fall of America than everything we have done put together. HE WILL IMPLEMENT MARSHAL LAW.
That is his only option, because he KNOW HIS TIME IS SHORT!
Once we are move the bulk of our military into Israel or some where else, CHINA, RUSSIA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, SYRIA, EGYPT, TURKEY, and anyone else wanting to see us fall will join in.
    We will not be able to support a campaign on our own shores, it will result in total Ciaos.
    I truly believe we will be ruptured right as we are attacked and it begins. Once those bad Christians are gone, it will be easy for the world to believe that lie to. We are seen as a Christian land by the people of the middle east.  Canada, Britain and may be Australia to.
Keep looking at the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they want the strike before the election. Please Pray and Look at Isr is doing, it is more about them not us at this time, the Lord knows who is saved.
SGT Steven P RN