Steven Prieur (18 Nov 2011)
"RE: "The Enemies Within""

TO: Jim Bramlett
I Totally agree with your statement towards the end of your letter "Watch for an attempt by Obama to cancel the 2012 election based on some real or contrived excuse". 
I have written here a few time on this very topic. Obama is not going to just roll over and go away. Sorry not going to happen. If you look at what he is attempting to do with Iran, China and Russia right now it is scary. I is certainly making secret deals with China in the event of the fall. As we write. Israel is making it plans for the final stand in the world. You would need not to look any further than a news paper from Europe, or Israel. The USA will not cover this story. It is not juicy enough, very sad.
We are certain that the major events that the Bible tells us is unfolding right now. I personally feel that Obama has a place at the table with Russia, China and Iran when this comes about! How could it not? Obama has personally destroyed our country to the benefit of our biggest enemy CHINA! Why is it know one will call it like it is. Only a few have the guts to face the monster that sits in the room. They have for years been bankrupting us, Increasing their military by 60% each each for at least 8 years now and for what purpose? It certainly is not for defencive purposes. IT IS A FIRST STRIKE MILITARY!
Obama needs a good reason to declare marshal law, i believe these plans are done or in the works for some major event. I do not know what it is but my best guess is riots her in America much larger than the wall street protests. I have herd though that Nov 17th is a day of demonstration in New York and many speculate it will be violent to some extent.
Watch,,, Obama is not going away. He knows the election in 2012 is lost so he needs to maintain power some how. The book is right as well, look who surrounds Obama now, do you think they are going to miss their chance to finally take over the US. Certainly not. Major events are right around the corner. this time right here in our back yards.

Steven P