Steve Coerper (3 Nov 2011)
"13 Crystal Skulls"

Dear John and Prayer Warriors -
I believe this is major.  We've seen what our spiritual adversaries have been able to do with incrementalism.  No prayer in schools, no Bibles in schools ... and children killing themselves and each other.
This:  is a frontal assault.  The north American continent was claimed for Jesus Christ and the Adversary wants to take it back.  We think things are bad now .... one can only imagine what will happen if we don't resist.
So please join me in prayer between now and the 11th.  Let's pray that their plans be totally frustrated.  We like to think that we're gonna check out of here before "ugly" gets REALLY UGLY ... but we don't know and, in any event, we all know lots of folks who will most probably be left behind.
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