Steve Coerper (17 Nov 2011)
"Last Day's Mystery"
Dear John and Doves:
Today, November 17th Mr. Richard Perry will be a guest on The Anakypto Forum.  He is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Last Days and Of The Last Days: Listen, I Tell You A Mystery.  Richard has studied the scriptures for 25 years and has appeared on the History Channel, Front Line Israel in Jerusalem, and Atlanta Live in Atlanta, Georgia.
All of his conclusions regarding eschatology are thoroughly researched and well supported by scripture.  The program will air live at 12:30 PM Eastern time and will be linked on the Homework Page (below).  We will begin the discussion with the first four seals of revelation.  Live listeners can call in with questions.  The program will run at least 45 minutes.
Very best,
Anakypto Forum