Stacy Raborn (8 Nov 2011)
"Spiritual Nugget #7"

Hello Doves!  As many of you have also heard before, I was awakened out of sound sleep in the wee hours of the morning a few days ago with the sound of three loud knocks.  Because this has happened before, I knew it was in my spirit and that no one was actually at the door.  It didn't even startle me as it has in the past, even though it was loud and profound.  Of course, I wanted to know what it meant, but at the time, I just prayed somewhat in a half-sleep state.

The next day, I prayed about the knocks and asked the Lord.  I prayed about a few other things and then asked the Lord if He had something to say to me.  I simply heard "A knock on the door", and I knew it was time to write.  The following is what I wrote from my spirit:  (Please note that this may not necessarily be what the knocks mean for you; I know it is something for me personally to think about.  I share this just in case it blesses someone else.)

The knock on the door.
Have you heard it?
Has it awakened you?
Could it be on the door of your heart?
Is a door in your heart closed?
Ask yourself this question.
My heart knocks on your heart.
A knock says, "I am here at your door.  I am seeking you."
I am seeking to enter the door of your heart that is still closed.
Seek your own self, and ask My Spirit to show you this door.
There are many doors just like there are chambers.
I want full access to all.
And when you open the door, I come in and abide; I do not leave.
When you hear this knock, how do you respond?
With child-like anxiety or a lazy thought?
Do you know that it is Me?
Don't you remember that I said I would knock, and if you open the door, I would come in and sup with you?
It is I who knocks.
The One who holds the very key to your heart.
You belong to Me; I have the key.
I don't use the key, because I desire your surrender.
The knock requests your surrender.
In My mercy and grace, I knock.
In My sovereignty, I knock.
Will you answer Me with your child-like surrender?
You must answer before I can come in.
Next time you hear the knock, know
that it is Me.
If you love Me, open the door.
Allow Me to come in.
Heed the knock, for it is truly Me.

After this, I just began talking to the Lord more about the knocks and about what door could possibly be closed in my own heart.  I then wrote further...

Obedience begins in the heart.
Is there a door closed that keeps you from total obedience?
Is there a physical need more important than obeying Me?
Is there a person more important?
Ask My spirit to show you.
If there is anything at all, no matter how small, it is a closed door in your heart.
I will knock and request your surrender.
I will also give you the strength to do so.
Ask Me, and you shall have what you ask.
But first, hear My knock and open the door.