Stacy Raborn (5 Nov 2011)
"Spiritual Nugget #6"

The Train

As I was in my quiet time, the blast of a train horn could be heard in the distance. The Holy Spirit immediately inspired the following thoughts:

The train.
It has a driver, or engineer.
The engineer directs it.
The engineer sends a warning sound before the train intersects with the road.
Those who don't hear or heed the warning suffer great consequences.
Those who do heed and hear watch peacefully as the train rumbles by.
So, the train can be likened unto My wrath.
The key is the engineer.
Heed the warnings put forth by the engineer -- in a sense, "surrender" or do what is directed by the engineer.
I am the engineer; heed My warnings.
If you'll listen and pay attention, they are loud and profound.
If you listen, you can cross over peacefully only to see "the train" in the distance moving away from you.