Stacy Raborn (3 Nov 2011)
"Spiritual Nugget #6"

In the quiet...
  • there He meets us
  • there He testifies to our spirits that we are His
  • there He reveals His wisdom
  • there He fills us with joy and peace
  • there He renews and rejuvenates us
  • there we are filled to the fullness of God through the love of Jesus
  • there we tell Him with our words and hearts how much we love Him
  • there we pour out our gratitude remembering His sacrifice -- the very details
  • there we remember and re-live our first-love experiences with Him
  • there we recount all the mercy and grace He has shown to us
  • there we overflow with gratitude for the trials and tribulations and the resulting victories in our spirits
  • there we truly surrender all to Him
  • there we lift Him up and please Him with our praises
  • there we worship and adore Him and honor His deity
  • there we bond with Him a connection that cannot be broken
  • there our faith is increased and grown to a place that is immovable
  • there we "know" Him, we are intimate with Him, and we abide in Him
  • there we hear His soft gentle voice speaking words of love and knowledge to us
  • there we experience what is in His heart and what He feels
  • there we are equipped to bear fruit and are filled to testify
  • there we meditate on His word and write it on the tablets of our hearts
  • there we are released from bondage and experience freedom, liberty, and rest
  • there, in the quiet place, we meet with Jesus, the Lover of our souls
  • there we truly find Him and He truly finds us
  • there we are forever changed!