Stacy Raborn (28 Nov 2011)
"Spiritual Nugget #8"

Praise Jesus in the heaviness.
Praise Him in the pain.
Praise Him during the crisis.
Praise Him in the rain.
Your praise to Him is a joyful sound.
He adores every word.
Your praise moves Him into action
As He fights for your return.
Praise is sure to bring you His peace
As you suffer through your trial.
Praise will also bring you His strength
As He enables you to walk the mile.
Our Lord is so deserving
Of every kind of praise.
He is faithful to His promises
And teaches us all of His ways.
Praise Jesus in the sorrow.
Praise Him through the tears.
And when He lifts you up on high
You'll be void of all your fears.
Praise Jesus for who we know He is
Our faithful Savior and King.
And when you praise Him no matter what,
In victory you'll surely sing!!