Stacy Raborn (2 Nov 2011)
"Spiritual Nugget #5"

Hello Doves!  This "nugget" has two parts.  The first one was written a few weeks ago, and the second just today.  I hope this blesses you.

Nourishment Part 1
The truth has been nourishing.
It strengthens the bones.  It makes the eyes to see clearly and the ears to hear without distraction.
There is only one truth.
All others that seem to be the truth offer counterfeit rewards.
Watch for My truth, read My truth, listen to My truth.
It is the one and only.
It amazes.
It stands.
It feeds.
It will be.
I am truth.
I am.

Nourishment Part 2
Nourish us, oh Lord.
We need the food of Your Word.
The protein of Your Word is like lean tasty meat.
It is filling and totally satisfying.
It strengthens us.
It builds the muscles of our spiritual bodies so we can stand; so we can do battle.

The carbohydrates of Your Word are substance; they are sweet.
The encourage us and give us energy to continue the race.
These words give us great joy!

The herbs of Your Word can be bitter or even sour.
But this is the very substance that cleanses and purifies us.
It doesn't go down easily and is often not enjoyable.
But it purges us of the impurities and toxins that hold us back.

Your Word, our very food and nourishment, produces beautiful, ripe and sweet fruit in our lives...
Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Lord, let us crave all of the foods of Your Word, for we will starve and become weak and malnourished without the full combination.

All in all, Jesus, you are the Word.
You are our food.
You provide, you satisfy, you fill, you sustain, and you give life.
Jesus, you are truly all we need.
Feed us today!
And may we obediently eat and be filled to all Your fullness!