Stacy Raborn (1 Nov 2011)
"Spiritual Nugget #4"


Hi Doves!  This writing is somewhat in conjunction with Nugget #3 (“My Body”) just posted yesterday.  I received Nugget #3 on 10/23 and then this one (#4) the very next day.  I thought this was important to note, especially since both are about our Beloved's body.

My Body (my church),
inspired by the Holy Spirit on 10/24/11

My body, My church, My bride.
My body is the complete reflection of Me.
Each bride is given her own parts to fulfill her place and purpose in Me.
Her fullness is added to the fullness of the other members, and there we have perfection and completeness.
This body feeds within itself to grow strong.
There the strength is provided to fulfill My great commission, so the others can be brought into the fold at their
appointed time.
My body is my bride.
She will be joined to Me -- as the Head -- and then we will be complete as the Father designed.
Our work together will fulfill the kingdom and prepare for eternity.
Although I am with My Father, I have been without My body.
We are together in spirit now as I complete the preparation process.
Only when My Father determines will we be joined together for our ultimate reunion.
Can you imagine this ultimate reunion?
Body and Head together in full unison energized by love.
The love I have for My body is the love I have for Myself.
This is why I have told husbands to love their wives as I love My body and as he loves himself.
Oh how we will be joined by a force and love that was the very thing that created all things.
It will be immovable, inseparable, and eternal.
It will fulfill all our greatest desires.
My greatest desire, as God of the Creation, is to be reunited with My body.
My body is My Beloved.
My body is cherished.
And My body is My Bride.
Oh how I love My beloved, cherished Bride.