Sonchild (18 Nov 2011)
"Re post by Alan Clark on Using prayer-our spiritual weapon"

 Thank you so much for posting this articler by Greg Laurie. I and many Christians everywhere have
been so concerned over the lack or even acknowledgement of the power. While the scripture is more than
clear that we as Christians do not even wrestle with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities
(demonic spirits). We have the  beautiful name of Jesus to use in prayer,All power in heaven and in earth
are in that Name, that is above every name, in heaven, earth and below the earth. This Name is given to
those who serve Jesus as Lord.
What I am seeing has disturbed me and so many others as Jesus Name used in faith when we pray for
all the political problems we have in our government and for each person whom Jesus loves and died for.
Spiritual warfare is to be used according to the scripture by those of us who believe and all of our faith
placed in Him, Who is the author and finisher of our faith in     HIM.. We are told not to put our faith in
mankind, but rather in God. Not a request here, but a command.
I have noticed that some Christians will scream and cry if you even awswer a question they have about
some political ideas or politician. I have gotten so that I simply don't    even try to talk to these people.
They will not listen or regard even the Word of God, but rather will only regard whoever is their favorite
politician or political party or group of that particular day or race. A lof of these same people not of
faith at the present time, are no longer meeting together , as we are told to do....FORSAKE NOT THE
APPROACHING. The great falling away (from the Truth..the assembling of ourselves as beliervers
together, has and continues to happen and it is still not seen or accepted.
I Know many of you are daily in prayer for those who have turned away of prayer and assembling together.
I am joining that prayer and prayers with you.
Love this site and love the togetherness we have even if there may sometimes be a little difference in
the way certain things are revealed to us by the Spirit.     Keep the praying up . God just loves it so much
when we pray for each other.