Sara B (29 Nov 2011)
"To Little David Great Job!"

Hi Little David!
Wow! What a way to start a Monday! We are amazed looking at all the work you have done on the Left Behind Cards you designed regarding
These Cards Are Awesome! And... we hope All Doves will want to have some to keep at home or to distribute!  As the days go by, we get more excited about the Rapture! We know that we are not going on feelings, we know that the Lord is seriously telling us that He is coming very soon! In 24 years of being saved and aware of the Rapture, we have never experienced this excitement, nor met so many other people that are going thru the same thing! It is so confirming that now we are so close to Going Home! All of us need to be prepared and we found this website to be helpful sharing this coming event with others.
 Little David Again Great Job! 
Sara B & Prayer Warriors