Sara B (24 Nov 2011)
"Little David and All Doves Re: Our Vanishing and Leaving Left Behind Information"

Little David and All Doves:
We have found an awesome website that is designed for the most part to help those who have been left behind after the Rapture, but we have also directed people to go to this website to get saved now. We printed out all 5 pages of this website and put them in envelopes in our home to help those who will come looking for us when we are gone in the Rapture.  We also carry cards with this website address printed on it to give out or leave in places, where ever the Lord leads, for people to take (hotels, on cars at the mall, bulletin boards, waitresses, restaurant tables, etc. be creative!). The website has videos and a lot of information just in case there is a chance that people can get saved now, but definitely it gives good information on how to get saved and what to expect after the Rapture occurs.  Check it out. A lot of good information for those last ones that may come in and certainly for those panicking after we leave. We were so Blessed to have found this website, because you'll see it explains everything so easily.
Sara B. and the Prayer Warriors