Sara B (23 Nov 2011)
"To Charles"

Dear Charles,
We read all your posts and our hearts go out to you, especially at this time.  Please do not feel as if you are alone.  We have lost most of our family members... either to death or religion... all are catholic and have rejected the Word of the Lord and the Truth for 20 plus years.  They want nothing to do with us and we have come to accept that.  Jesus constantly reminds us that He went thru the same thing, betrayed by family memebers, best friends, etc.  This is the walk of being a disciple. We are not like the rest of the "believers". We pray for your dad's salvation, because of God's faithfulness, no one can tell you that in his last hours that the Lord can't save him - regardless of what religious nonsense is going on around him. Jesus is faithful to you. So enjoy your time with your son.  As silly as this sounds, all we have left are our cats and a few friends, and we are determined everyday to enjoy them as Gifts from the Lord.  We know we are going home soon. So as this world gets crazier every day, we just tell ourselves we'll be home soon. We know exactly how you feel and we also know that Jesus is coming soon, because we His children are all going thru the same thing.  God Bless You for giving out the Bibles, and don't let the devil discourage you. Know that you've encouraged us many times. 
God Bless,
Sara B. & the Prayer Warriors