Sara (4 Nov 2011)
"RE: Urgent All Doves * A Call for Fasting & Prayer 11-11-11"

First of all we were so excited when we saw your post last week regarding praying for the Rapture.  This is Scriptural (2Peter 3:12) as we know the Lord requires us to pray for ALL things... healing, protection, provision, etc. We can't just wait for it to happen, we must activly pray for this event!
Today when we saw your post regarding the skulls, we were also excited as we have been praying against this demonic event since we heard about it on Doves.  We have been praying to BREAK the power of the enemy, for the LORD to INTERCEDE in this demonic trip with the skulls, and this luciferian event to come to NOTHING!  Your idea to fast as well as pray is absolutely scriptural and for this degree of evil to be broken, its necessary.  So we are coming along aside you and hopefully some other Doves will join as well to fast and pray. The power of the BLOOD of JESUS can and will break this as long as we apply it.  There are 4 of us prayer warriors here coming along side you and hopefully there will be more. We have already started praying against this eveil and we suggest to immediately start fasting and praying against this and not wait until 11-11-11 the more prayers, the more power.  As far as the fast is concerned, there are a few ways to go about it. Here are some suggestions from my fellow prayer warriors regarding fasting: you can try leaving out 1 meal a day, or what I am doing, leaving out something I truly enjoy (like sweets), one of the prayer warriors is doing a Daniel fast - no meat just vegetables, whatever way the Lord leads.   
We felt this is so important, that this is my first post on Doves. Lots of regards to John for this wonderful site, we have been followers, now participants!
Sara and the Prayer Warriors
Thanks, Sara.
Welcome to the Doves!