Sandra Jean (3 Nov 2011)
"A Bit of Good News"

A bit of good news...not only did the House vote to keep the motto (In God We Trust) as our national motto, but 75% of responders to a secular poll voted "Yes. We need God in government."  This is very encouraging to me, a believer!  ACLU, I hope you read this -- you are the MINORITY!  
House reaffirms 'In God We Trust' as US motto

The slogan has been the country's official motto since 1956.

Do you agree with the vote?

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  1. 75 %
    Yes. We need God in government.
    86,429 votes
  2. 15 %
    No. The vote was distraction from real problems.
    17,167 votes
  3. 8 %
    No. Not all Americans believe in God.
    8,862 votes
  4. 2 %
    Not sure
    2,495 votes