Sandra Jean (29 Nov 2011)

Thank you, John Tng, for your faithfulness to our Lord and Savior!
John Clark and Steve Coerper:  Thank you both for the alerts on the 13 Crystal Skulls and thank you, Steve, for CindyByTheSea website...absolutely love her insights.
ALL DOVES:  One of the prayer warriors I forwarded the above alert to replied with the following comment:  "Satan is certainly on the move. Satanism has been so active in the XXXXXX, but LA is the City of Angels."  I asked her what she meant.  (This particular lady is a committed Baptist, a long-time Bible teacher, a retired healthcare professional, and highly respected in her community.)  Because the following comments are personal, I asked if I could share with others and was given permission.
Paul:  Have read book My Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund.  "In 1974, while he was ministering at a small church in Bartlesville, OK, he was declared dead for 8 hours after a traffic accident, during which he had his experiences of heaven and hell."  He currently has a ministry with his wife called Cleft of the Rock Ministries in Maxwell, Iowa. This is the author that said before Jesus Christ comes back, we will have a spirit-filled Christian in office.  Only time will tell, right?
Amy:  Appreciate your excellent studies and agree with you for the most part (pre-Trib and not yet into 70th Daniel week), but still holding on to our Rapture happening on Feast of Trumpets. (Yes, I'm one of those that believe the rapture will occur on a Jewish Feast...specifically, FOT).  Only God knows...but I believe He gave us some clues in the various Idioms ascribed to Rosh HaShanah, otherwise known as Feast of Trumpets:  Day of the Awakening Blast (Yom Teruah), the Hidden Day (Yom Hakeseh), the Wedding Ceremony (Kiddushin/Nesu'in), Repentance (Teshuvah), Day of Judgment (Yom HaDin), Coronation of the Messiah (HaMelech), Day of Remembrance (Yom HaZikkaron), Time of Jacob's Trouble or Birthpangs of the Messiah (Chevlai shel Mashiach), the opening of the gates, and the last trump (shofar).
Suzi:  So you know that your posts have been read and are appreciated.  I remember (and should have posted then) being so impressed that your daughter, after reading The Shack, had the spiritual discernment and Christian maturity to recognize that book as nothing more than NEW AGE crap.  You're her mother so I see that as a positive reflection on you as well as on your husband.  Ultimate credit to the Holy Spirit.
Stacy B:  Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry that the Lord has given you.
Mary Adams:  Your posts have always touched my heart.  Thank you!
Math Man:  How wonderful to see your posts here.  And yes, I will be forwarding your testimony on to my family and friends.
ALL DOVES:  Also want to thank and acknowledge the long-time posters here at Five Doves as well as the new Doves.  You also are much appreciated, and I have especially taken note of those who over the years and for various reasons have often times come to the defense of fellow posters.   I would hope that if I post something that you believe is unbiblical or doesn't glorify my Savior, that you would feel free to correct me.  
In appreciation and many blessings to all the Five Doves!  All praises to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Yeshua Ha Mashiach!