Rowina (29 Nov 2011)
"To Gerlinda, thanks for health thoughts"

Gerlinda, I did send an email to that Dr. Howenstein whose link you put in your letter, and thanks very much for your letter.

Dr. Howenstein recommended that rather than radiation I take healthy treatments, primarily B complex and enzymes, which are sold by an associate.  I am already taking B complex of an advanced nature, and enzymes.  

These things have improved my general health but they will not stop the onslaught of too many platelets and red cells.  Only some unnatural stopgaps can do this,
such as phlebotomy to lower the red cells, and chemo or radiation to halt proliferation of the platelets.  Too much B complex might even increase the platelets.  

It may be that, as you say, God intervened to stop me taking the radiation.  I dearly hope that the Rapture will come soon and that the radiation will not be necessary to save my vision.  However, if i do take it (and that is yet to be decided) it could give me a few years of normalcy, during which I would still be hoping for the Rapture if it did not come really soon.  

Reading more about what chemotherapy does to people, and having recently experienced it myself, I can say that we are in the Dark Ages of medicine.  We do not have good options to deal with cancer.  Cancer is actually a number of different diseases, and for a minority, chemo may be a good option.  Most of the people who have Polycythemia Vera, as I do, do WELL for many years on chemotherapy, but I did badly because of my other genetic disease, Porphyria, which stops me from taking many drugs.  It's a double bind, I guess. 

I do now realize the awful bind many many people are in, who try to deal with various forms of cancer.  I hadn't really thought about how poor their options are.  And it makes one really wish for the blessed day when we are no longer subject to this.  Medicine is providing an answer only for a small minority.