Rowina (2 Nov 2011)
"Update on going to Mayo Scottsdale--maybe not going"

It's been a dismal 24 hours.  So bad personally that I feel a part of the worldwide breakdown which
we are witnessing.

I got a letter from Mayo telling me not to take certain drugs or supplements for periods of weeks,
before the procedure next week, so it was already too late if the letter's list was correct.
I called in the morning and said I took three of the things on the list, and wanted to know if that
meant I should not come.  These are things I must have, like Synthroid and Propanalol, the
latter to regulate atrial fibrillation.

The women I talked to, one after another, were puzzled, so they referred me to the radiation
oncology dept, which didn't have a clue either.  Finally I got to the radiation oncologist after four
hours, and he was not in a good mood.  He said the list had been sent in error.  It was for
someone else who was to have their thyroid radiated, and it did not apply to me.  But he was
still angry at me, as he always has been, for asking questions about the procedure.  He said
I just asked the same things over and over.  I said, I never asked about not taking thyroid,
because no one told me to not take it until last night.

Anyway, I have to decide by tomorrow if I will go to a place where there seems little respect
for patients and little wish to communicate.  I was supposed to see the pcp tomorrow, but
all of her appointments this week were cancelled, without a reason--maybe she too is having
a bad bad week.  So I have no one to even talk to about this.

I did call University of New Mexico, whose head hematologist (now gone elsewhere) had
wanted me to take p32 3 years ago.  I managed to get to a really kind, intelligent radiation
oncologist who said he had not used p32 but he knew it was given in the US and he would
try to find information on whether anyone at UNM could give it or knew of where to go for it.
He said Mayo Rochester has a better reputation than Scottsdale....well, I guess I could
start all over waiting for an appointment!  At least he was kind to me, and at least I got
what information he had; he said the doctor should have answered my questions.

So now, since I thought God wanted me to do this, is it cancelled?  Probably not, we'll
see.  But what an awful day of feeling like two cents.  So you could pray that I will feel
more like three cents tomorrow.  Thanks.