Rowina (15 Nov 2011)
"To Kamie on "putting (people) out of the church""

Kamie, history shows us many people "put out" of their churches by leaders who had better ideas,
they thought.  Even Calvin burned at the stake some heretics (Calvin, founder of the Presbyterian
Church in Europe).  

Once my husband and I were told that we should get out, but this was in the context of us belonging
to the Unitarian Church.  We went to a conference of theirs, billed as a support session of
accepting Jesus.  When I said I accepted Jesus not as "one of the ways" but The Way, a
member told me I should get out immediately, leave the conference.  I didn't go, as my
husband was still an active member of that group.  Later, we both left because of abuses
occurring in the church.  This was many years ago.  

This has been going on always.  It is part of human life on planet earth.  That is a very interesting
dream you had, illustrating the expulsion of Jews from the church.  

My own grandmother "threw out" her sister because she became a Catholic.  And thus I never
knew my cousins on that side of the family.  I saw three of them as middle aged adults, and went
to the funeral of the last one, who looked just like my Dad.

Jesus said of the church, "I would that ye be one, even as I and the Father are one."

And if that is not practiced, these words of Jesus, heartbreak occurs and eventually
wars break out.  It is a struggle for power in most cases, not just an effort to retain
orthodox beliefs.

Maranatha indeed. We need our King to break this stranglehold by the seekers of power.

King James (whose Bible we read) tried to make peace between Protestants and Catholics,
but was prevented by factions.  His descendants also tried to make peace.  One of them,
Charles I of England, was beheaded by radical Puritans.  HIs son Charles II again tried to
bridge the gap, but failed, and anti-Catholic forces set up the rule that only Protestants could
inherit the throne.  This rule (the law against Catholics in the royal family) is about to be
broken by consent of the ministers of the Commonwealth of the United Kingdoms.  A step
forward, but it will probably lead to dissension again.   The capacity for brethren to fight seems