Ron Reese (30 Nov 2011)
"Correction on ministering with Jack Van Impe"

Hi Doves,
This post is in response to Mathman's post yesterday.  Thank you, Mathman, for writing that excellent post, and for your kind words about me, and for your support, concerning my 7-Year timeline.  I appreciate very much what you are doing.
However, something was written, at the end of your post, which was in error.  I know that this was simply a misunderstanding, and a simple unintended error.  I did not minister with Jack Van Impe at all.  We are both from Michigan, and I have met the man, and did have one encounter with him.  I have never felt led to share this with my mailing list, or with those on 5 Doves.  To set the record straight, on my very limited asociation with Jack Van Impe, I feel that I should share what that one encounter entailed.
The year was probably 1990.  My wife and I were in Niagra Falls, Canada, for a Bible Prophecy Conference.  One of the featured speakers was Jack Van Impe.  We were in the motel lobby, about to leave for the night session of this conference, when Mr. Van Impe walked in, as he had just got off the plane, and was scheduled to speak in less than one hour.  I introduced myself, told him that I was from Michigan, like he was, and gave him the one tract that I had written at that time, entitled, "What in the World is Happening?"  He thanked me, and stuck the tract in his pocket.  He had no time for a conversation, because he was running late.
Evidently, on his taxi ride to the conference, he took the time to read my tract, because right in the middle of his prophecy message he said, "Is Ron Reese in the audience?"  I raised my hand, and he asked me to stand up.  He asked everybody to turn around and get a good look at me, so that they would be sure to receive a copy of my tract, at the end of the service.  He then proceeded to read several excerpts from this tract, and make several favorable comments about it, such as, "This man is right on, with everything that he has written in this tract."
Shortly after that, I left my seat, and went to the back of the rather large church, and located the man who was in charge of the conference.  Before the service had started, I had approached him about passing out my tract, after the service.  He had politely declined, because we were not part of the conference.  So, I approached him again, and after hearing Jack Van Impe's endorsement of my tract, and encouraging everybody to receive a copy, there was no way that he was going to turn me down.  There were two exits, so my wife covered one exit, and I covered the other exit, and we were graciously allowed an opportunity to make sure that everyone received our tract.
Because our tracts always had our address and phone number on them, we received several orders for large quantitities of our tract.  We saved all of the addresses, and soon began to write other tracts on end-times Bible Prophecy.  Many major Prophecy ministries began to use our tracts in their newsletters, book orders, etc.  In the 1990's, we ended up writing 37 different tracts on the end-times, plus quarterly newsletters, and offerring Rapture t-shirts, Rapture bumper stickers, etc.  We ended up with over 5200 people on our computerized mailing list, and almost 10,000,000 tracts in circulation.  My wife and I both spent almost as much time on our tract ministry, as we did our jobs.  But it was the endorsement of our very first tract, by Jack Van Impe, that got our ministry started.  I will be forever grateful to Mr. Van Impe for that endorsement.
Ron Reese