Ron Reese (30 Nov 2011)
"What are YOUR top ten countries that are most likely to ignite World War 3?"

I really need a break.  So, I have decided to take a few minutes to do something different.  When one is talking about World War 3, I would hesitate to call this a "Fun" endeavor.  Let's just say this a diversion post.  I am tired of getting hammered on everything that I write.  Tired of having every single word that I write being challenged.  For every post that I write, that gets publicly challenged on 5 Doves, by just one person, I probably receive another thirty challenging emails from my mailing list.  Of course, I am expected to respond to each of them in-depth, and get into a back-and-forth debate with each of them.  I realize that some of this comes with the territory.  I am simply trying to be a diligent Biblical watchman, who is trying to keep as many non-Christians, and Christians, from the horrific events of nuclear World War 3, and the cataclysmic Great Tribulation, as I possibly can.
Not that I do respond to ALL of them, but the number of hours that goes into just one post to 5 Doves and to my mailing list, and all of the corresponding responses, etc., is much more than most people realize.  I empathize with John Tng, who recently felt that he needed to take a break from 5 Doves for a few days.  This is, in no way, an attempt to discourage encouraging and uplifting emails.  Keep those coming.  I try to answer most of them, although usually just a short response.  This email is my break.  Or call it a diversion.
I thought it would be interesting to take a poll among 5 Doves readers and those on my mailing list.  Most watchers now believe that we are RIGHT NOW on the brink of World War 3 (and, in my opinion) the Rapture.  I believe they are simultaneous events.  I am about to list my top ten nations that I believe COULD be the ONE to LIGHT THE FUSE, or INITIATE THE FIRST ACTION, THAT WILL START WORLD WAR 3.  What will be the first domino to fall, in your opinion???
The last thing I want to do is to receive negative, or argumentative, responses to this post.  I do not expect any of you to totally agree with my choices.  I simply request that you list your choices for YOUR Top Ten, with short comments after them, if you desire.  Although I will try to respond to some, please do not expect, or request, a response.  This is just a "Fun" (sorry, I could not think of a better word) exercise, to compare our lists with each other.  If you do not choose to make your own list, but simply want to cut down my list, do not expect any response.  This exercise is just expressing an opinion.  These are just possible suggestions as to what nation will be the ONE to start it all.
The three criteria used to compile your list should be based on the following:
1.  The Bible.  What does the Word say about the last days' scenario?  What countries are outlined in the Bible that are to participate in World War 3?
2.  The current political, military, and economic situation in the world.  What is the most likely scenario, based on the world's current situation?
3. Your opinion, whether it is an educated opinion, or not.  Just want to know what you think.
The world is an extremely volatile place right now, just waiting to explode.  Based on the above criteria, here are my current Top Ten choices, in order, for the ONE country that MAY be the country to light the fuse, to be the 1st domino, to be the spark, to cause the FIRST event, that ignites World War 3.  (The different Palestinian groups, such as PLO, Muslim brotherhood, Hamas, and Hezbollah, are not considered countries).
1.  Israel.  This is not a slam dunk, but they are #1 on my list.  The Bible tells us that the whole world will go against Israel, and they will stand alone.  I believe it is because they will likely be the scapegoat for igniting World War 3.  Something must happen for Russia, Iran, and other countries, in Ezekiel 38--39 to march on Israel.  I believe it is because Israel attacks Iran, Syria, or both, (with nuclear weapons?).  I am expecting this attack to take place before the end of 2011.  Israel feels backed into a corner, and they cannot afford to allow Iran to become nuclear.  They acted pre-emptively against Iraq (1980?) and also against Syria (2009?).  Although Iran presents a much bigger problem, they simply cannot afford to wait much longer.
2.  Iran.  This country is the 1st listed in Ezekiel 38, behind Russia, in the Battle of Gog and Magog.  They are headed up by the madman, Ahmadinejad, who is seeking to usher in the Islamic Mahdi, or Messiah.  They are threating to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  They seemed determined to gode Israel and the U.S. into taking military action against them.  Or, will they make the 1st move?
3.  Syria.  Current events in Syria have moved them up to the #3 spot, in my opinion.  Syria is a surrogate nation for Iran.  It is a crucial nation, also backed up by Russia.  Both Russia and the U.S. have moved warships off the coast of Syria, very recently.  Assad, their leader, is also feeling backed into a corner, because of internal strife.  When that happens to any country, the tendency is to start a war, to throw the attention off their internal problems.  Isaiah 17:1 says, "The burden of Damascus.  Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap."  Sounds like nuclear destruction to me.  I believe, from my study of the Word, that, when the 1st nuclear bomb is descending to earth, the Bride of Christ will be ascending to Heaven, at the Rapture.  A simultaneous Sudden Destruction/Rapture.  Syria, in the present world's condition, could very well be the spark that lights the fuse to nuclear WW3.
4.  Russia.  It is the leading country in Ezekiel 38--39, which is World War 3.  They will obviously play a MAJOR part in WW3.  But I am not sure that they will be the spark.  The reason I have them listed this high is because they have been doing a lot of saber-rattling lately, and something has to happen to the U.S. to cause our demise, before they would dare attack Israel.  Russia would be my 1st choice to attack the U.S.
5.  United States.  The U.S. MAY be getting ready to ignite something in Syria.  Or, they may be the nation, with, or without, Israel, to attack Iran.  It does not seem real likely, but, with the Antichrist occupying the oval office, he will do whatever the New World Order elite require him to do.  It did not appear logical for Obama to stir up things in Egypt or Libya, but yet he did so, because it was part of the NWO agenda.  I believe what they are doing is getting rid of the dictators, so that they can install the DICTATOR OF THEIR CHOICE, THE CHOSEN ANNOINTED ONE, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, over the whole world.  Assad, of Syria, is another dictator, who MUST be taken down.  Do NOT discount the possibility of the U.S. being the one to light the fuse by igniting a war with Syria.
6.  China.  China seems more positioned Biblically, to take part in the Battle of Armageddon, at the end of the Great Tribulation, as the leader of the 200,000,000-man army, leading the Kings of the East.  However, if we are talking about the demise of the U.S. happening first, as the 1st domino, China could be the country that takes down the U.S.  They also COULD make an early move against Taiwan, throwing a real wrench into the works.
7.  Pakistan.  The current NATO bombing, and killing, of at least two dozen Pakistani soldiers has made this a very volatile region.  It is now caused a very difficult situation.  With Pakistan having nuclear weapons, they have to be a part of my list.
8.  North Korea.  Another King of the East, at the Battle of Armageddon.  One never knows when North Korea will stop their saber-rattling against South Korea, a close ally to the United States, and make their military move.  With North Korea considered a rogue nation, and also possessing nuclear weapons, they also have to be a part of this list.
9.  Turkey.  Turkey is rapidly gaining in influence and in military power in the Middle East Region.  It is also, most likely, listed in Ezekiel 38--39, as Togarmah.  So, they will proably be a part of this monumental move against Israel.  Things are happening fast with Turkey.  Keep your eye on them.
10.  Egypt.  The rapidly-growing power of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt makes them a player in the Middle East situation.  Also, their enormous size, and the fact that they border Israel, and have become very volatile once again, makes them a possibility to ignite something in the Middle East.
Honorable mention, in no particular order, goes to Lebanon, Jordan, Venezuela, and Mexico.
In my opinion, the real wild card in trying to list these countries in order, is the New World elite.  Some of these countries are just pawns in their mystery chess game.  They are positioning the pieces strategically, just the way they want them.  Other countries are bigger pieces than the pawns.  The King COULD represent Israel, the grand prize, the one they are all trying to capture.  The Queen COULD represent the United States, who is the main country, the chess piece with the most power, trying to protect the King country of Israel.  Usually, before the King is captured in chess, the Queen is captured.  
Once the NWO elite gives the signal to capture the Queen country of the U.S., then the chess match is apparently over, in the minds of the NWO elite. They already have their key man positioned in the U.S. to allow, or even cause, this to happen.  It is my understanding that once the Queen country of the U.S. falls, Russia, Iran, and her allies will move in on the King country of Israel, the grand prize, only to discover, they had discounted the God Factor.  God will miraculously protect Israel, and spare Israel.  But with the Queen's (the U.S.) demise, Satan's plan, or agenda, through the NWO elite, will continue with their one-world government, and one-world dictator, Obama.  It will only last for 42 months, according to Revelation 13.  With the remnant of Jews being safely protected (in Petra?) by the Lord, and the two witnessess being a constant thorn in the side of Obama, and the NWO elite, in Jerusalem, the chess match will continue, with the Lord being victorious at the culmination of the chess match, the Battle of Armageddon.
Now, what are your Top Ten countries that are most likely to be the ONE country that MAY be the country that lights the fuse, to be the 1st domino, to be the spark, to cause the FIRST event, that causes World War 3?
Ron Reese