Ron Reese (29 Nov 2011)
"Response to Sherry Vance"

Hi Sherry and all Doves,
I made it very, very clear in my post, "When Will Trumpets be Fulfilled?", that every SUGGESTED POSSIBLE fulfillment of Feast of Trumpets that I listed, was just that--a POSSIBLE fulfillment.  I also made it very clear that I believed that Feast of Trumpets would be fulfilled BEFORE the other two Fall Feasts.  Every suggestion that I made, for a POSSIBLE fulfillment, would take place BEFORE Feast of Atonement.  I also made it clear that this was NOT an exhaustive list, or a complete list.
Your post makes it clear that you believe you know EXACTLY how Feast of Atonement and Feast of Trumpets will be fulfilled.  I make no such claim.  However, I stand by every word that I wrote in that post.  My main point in that post was that Jesus will fulfill Feast of Trumpets, before Feast of Atonement, at the literal 2nd Coming of Christ, on Sept. 23, 2015.  (In Ted Porter's exhaustive, well-researched, and very well-written post yesterday, he concluded that this is, indeed, the date for the 2nd Coming of Christ, and the end of the 70th Week of Daniel).  I just do not know for sure how Jesus will fulfill Feast of Trumpets.
It is very, very, very obvious that you are totally convinced that you do know EXACTLY how Jesus will fulfill both Feast of Trumpets, and Feast of Atonement.  And you know what, Sherry?  You MAY be right.  But I refuse to put God in a box.  Your conclusions of what the correct fulfillments will be, MAY or MAY NOT be correct.  Progressive revelation will show us when we get to that point.  Many Bible Prophecy scholars have been totally convinced of their prophetic teachings, based on their own, or someone else's Prophetic interpretations of the Word, only to be proven wrong.
It is happening an awful lot lately, because we are not letting God be God.  Many believe thay have it all figured out EXACTLY how God is going to do things.  They have the Book of Revelation, the great mystery Book, all figured out.  They have the order of events all figured out.  Sherry, you believe you have the EXACT prophetic interpretation of the EXACT fulfillment of Feast of Trumpets and Feast of Atonement figured out.  I repeat that YOU MAY BE RIGHT!
But that is never good enough for you, Sherry.  You want me to tell you that YOU ARE RIGHT.  You did the very same thing two weeks ago.  I told you the very same thing that YOU MAY BE RIGHT.  But again that did not satisfy you.  The Lord has not revealed some of these things to me, that you believe He has shown to you.  I can identify with you that we want other watchers to see things the very same way that we see them.  Good luck with that.  I have yet to find any two people that agree on everything prophetically.
You are very, very, very dogmatic in what you believe.  That is why I will not get into an ongoing discussion with you.  Knowing you, you WILL want the last word.  That is fine.  Respond any way that you feel the Lord is leading you to, to this post.  Do not expect another response.  It will accomplish nothing.  My post was simply a partial SUGGESTED POSSIBLE list of how Jesus MIGHT fulfill Feast of Atonement.  And, yes, every suggestion could take place BEFORE Feast of Atonement.
I am very sorry that my list did not include what you consider to be the correct fulfillment, so I would like to add your conclusions to the list of possibilities.  In closing, Sherry, YOU MAY BE RIGHT.
Ron Reese