Ron Reese (26 Nov 2011)
"When will Trumpets be fulfilled?  Does this throw the 2008--2015 timeline off?"

In Pineman's post of yesterday, he suggested that Jesus will miss fulfilling the Feast of Trumpets, if we use the 7-Year, 2520-day countdaown, from Oct. 29, 2008, to Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015.  Feast of Trumpets does have prophetic implications for the Rapture.  But, as I have been saying, we cannot put God in a box.  I agree fully that the next Feast day to be fulfilled will almost certainly be Feast of Trumpets, as Jesus fulfilled the 4 Spring Feasts at His 1st Coming.  Because these four fulfillments all took place in the same year, it is likely the 3 Fall Feasts will also be fulfilled in the same year, the year of His Second Coming--2015.
Below is a list of POSSIBLE fulfillments of Feast of Trumpets. It is a suggested list, not an exhaustive list.  If I thought it was a complete list, I would be putting God in a box.  Progressive revelation in these very, very last days, is showing all of us how wrong it is to try to put God in a box.  Many (not all) of our pre-conceived ideas, and teachings, are falling by the wayside, one by one.  We all mean well when we try to interpret the prophetic Scriptures, but let's let God be God, and not be so dogmatic about things that could have a different fulfillment than what we have always believed.   
Here is what I see for the POSSIBLE fulfillment of Feast of Trumpets.  I do believe that the Feast Days will be fulfilled in order, making Trumpets next.  Here are the possibilities, in reverse order of likelihood (just my opinion).  It is possible that more than one of these events may happen on Feast of Trumpets:
1.  The Rapture of the 144,000 (the least likely).
2.  A second Rapture on FOT in 2012, or 2013.
3.  A Pre-Wrath Rapture on FOT in 2014.
4.  A Rapture of the remaining Tribulation saints on FOT in 2015.
5.  Fulfilled on FOT, Sept. 14, 2015, when Jesus possibly Returns in the air to lead the remnant of Jews, who have been protected, probably by angels, in Petra, during the Great Tribulation.  This COULD be the Great Deliverance, rather than a Rapture, to fulfill FOT.  It could take 9 or 10 days to lead them to Jerusalem, where Jesus will finally touch down on the Mount of Olives, on Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, at the literal 2nd Coming of Christ to Earth.  The Battle of Armageddon COULD possibly take 9 or 10 days, STARTING ON FOT, and culminating on Feast of Atonement.  I lean towards the Battle of Armageddon being a one-day Battle, but I am open to it being the entire time from Trumpets to Atonement.
6.  The Rapture of the two witnesses.  Because their 1260-day ministry ends before the end of the Great Tribulation, by a few days, this would be the perfect day, FOT, Sept. 14, 2015, for the fulfillment of Feast of Trumpets. (the most likely)
I actually believe that there is a good possibility for both 5 and 6 to be fulfilled on FOT, Sept. 14, 2015.  All of the  4 Spring Feasts were fulfilled in THE SAME YEAR, the year of His death and resurrection.  I believe, especially since FOT, 2011, has gone by, that all 3 Fall Feasts will very likely be fulfilled in THE SAME YEAR also, the year of Christ's Return, 2015.  So, the answer is "NO".  The 2008--2015 timeline is DEFINITELY not thrown off, just because Jesus literally Returns to the earth, at the Mount of Olives, on Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015.  By that time, Jesus will have fulfilled Feast of Trumpets, one way or another.
Ron Reese