Ron Reese (23 Nov 2011)
"World War 3 on Hanukkah, Kislev 24 (Haggai 2)?--The evidence is growing"

Be sure to read the section below (about one-third the way down), entitled:  ISRAELI RUMORS OF A DECEMBER HANUKKAH ATTACK.  This is the 5th consecutive email that I have posted in the past week, on a very possible fulfillment of Haggai 2 (and Ezekiel 38--39?) nuclear World War 3 (and the Rapture?), on Kislev 24, Dec. 20, 2011.  As I have written in my post on Nov. 18th, God's warning date of Kislev 24 and the Satanic New World Order date may indeed be one and the same date.  This date is EXACTLY 40 days inclusive from 11/11/11.  DEC. 20, 2011, IS A VERY HIGH RAPTURE/SUDDEN DESTRUCTION ALERT DATE!!!  BE SPIRITUALLY READY!!!   One of the other four posts should appear today on 5 Doves.  The other three posts are linked below:

Below is a very thorough report and enlightening analysis of the reality of how close World War 3 may actually be.  THIS IS A VERY, VERY OMINOUS REPORT.  IT IS A MUST READ FOR ALL SERIOUS WATHCERS!!!


Rumors of Imminent War: A-O Intel Digest for 11-21-11


The A-O Report's

Intelligence Digest


For 11/21/11


"Rumors of Imminent War"



Syria’s Assad Losing Control

The Syrian Regime of President Bashar Assad continues to find its grip on power slipping away, inch by inch for the past six months. That grip on power is now very tenuous as many analysts are now asserting that Syria is slipping into a civil war.

Last week, elements of a newly forming rebel army launched attacks at two key Syrian military facilities, battling Syrian regime forces until Syrian helicopters were launched.

These new rebel army forces are the result of Turkish action to provide a sanctuary inside Turkey as well as weapons, ammunition, vehicles and even food for rebel soldiers. Most of the rebels are deserters from the Syrian military establishment. Many rebels were Syrian officers. The levels of desertion have reached a critical mass as the Syrian regime cannot attract new recruits and draftees are often no-shows. The bottom line is that Assad’s military power is shrinking and will continue to shrink as long as the hostilities continue.

Meanwhile, The Arab League has now confronted Assad. Last week, the League voted to suspend Syrian membership within the organization. The League has grown increasingly concerned that Assad’s genocide will continue unabated or even grow in scope the longer hostilities continue. As a result, the League compelled Assad to halt his campaign of terror within 3 days. The deadline was Friday (11/18). Furthermore, the League demanded that Assad allow hundreds of League observers into Syria to ensure that Assad halted his repression. Assad tentatively agreed to the League’s demands, but it remains to be seen as to whether or not Assad will actually allow those hundreds of observers to enter Syria.

Threat of Syrian Attack on Israel:

Even as the Arab League pressured Assad, the Syrian leader renewed his threats to engulf the region in war. Assad’s cousin reiterated the threat of regional warfare if foreign troops invaded Syria. For the past several months, Assad and members of his regime have issued similar warnings, noting that Israel would be a key target of Syrian military activities.


Why Syria Hasn’t Set the Region on Fire.

When push came to shove this week with The Arab League, Assad’s political position was so eroded internally, he couldn’t dare stand up against a united Arab League and maintain internal support. He might have done so anyway, but Iran simply wasn’t in a position to provide further support. Indeed, Iran began to signal that support for Assad as waning by issuing an encouragement for Assad to comply with the Arab League’s demands. There was a reason why Iranian leaders were backing away from Assad.


Can We Say: Stuxnet Virus?

As we noted earlier, in recent days, Syria’s President Assad has issued warnings to suggest that Syria would plunge the world into a bloody regional war if his nation was attacked by foreign adversaries. Syria was given until Friday, by the Arab League to halt Assad’s bloody crackdown campaigns or face serious consequences, including the possibility of a Turkish invasion of Syria.

In the ensuing hours there was intense speculation that Assad may indeed turn his forces against Israel and attack the Jewish nation in a bid to retain control of his regime. Part of Assad’s boldness for such allegations is due to his alliance with Iran, hoping Iran will be a deterrent ally to prevent any such attacks on Syria for fear of Iranian reprisals.

The Iranians though are apparently continuing to battle computer virus problems as evidenced by their recent admission of a new computer virus named Duqu. It may also be that the Stuxnet virus has resurfaced within the Iranian military computer systems.

The recent explosion at a missile warhead factory outside of Tehran was most likely the result of a computer virus which detonated a missile warhead during a ‘test.’ reports that this may well be the case. LINK

Other Analysts Also Speculate: LINK

Iran Admits to New Supervirus - LINK 

Whether or not a virus triggered the explosion, the fact remains that Iran is not ready or prepared for a Syrian strike on Israel that could trigger an Israeli counter-strike against Iran’s nuclear program. There was some concern within Iran that the computer virus may have also returned to infect Iran’s air defense computer systems. With that in mind…

Assad won’t likely do anything unless or until Iran is able to provide a serious counter-response in support of Syria. The latest missile explosions and concern for computer virus bugs in the Iranian air defense systems suggests that Iran will not be ready to provide such support for at least weeks if not for several months. For that reason, Iran can be expected to dissuade Assad from instigating any action that could be used as an Israeli pre-text for attacking Iran’s nuclear assets.

From an Israeli viewpoint, now would be an excellent time for Israel to strike Iran since Iran’s chief counter-punch may not be ready for use. Iran may be too hard pressed with computer issues to provide any sort of adequate retaliation that could trigger a global
financial meltdown.


Iran’s Military Defenses Tested

The return of the Stuxnet virus and a related program virus called Duqu, suggests that Iran suddenly finds itself battling computer virus problems for at least a few months.

The return of Stuxnet may also be the return of the bug to Iran’s air defense systems. If that is the case, Iran will find itself very vulnerable to air strikes from Israel or other Western nations.

Within 4 days of the explosion incidents, Iran’s leadership announced a 4-day War Drill. This new military exercise is primarily focused on testing its air defense systems for Stuxnet virus symptoms. Additionally, the Iranians will test their ground forces abilities to repel any internal uprisings. Although the military exercises were announced to cover a 4 day period, the actual drill will last for a full week as Iranian naval forces will also test for the Stuxnet virus within their computer systems. 

Israel’s Response to Iran’s Nuclear Program:

Israeli Rumors of a December Hanukkah Attack

It appears that Netanyahu and his government now believes that the White House and State Dep’t talk of the U.S. striking Iran is simply a deception effort to hold Israel back until it is too late for any attack on Iran.

Defense Minister Barak’s latest round of talks with Washington brought him around to the conclusion that President Obama is leading Israel down a rabbit hole despite all the grand talk of joint operations with a ‘western coalition’ force. While EU nations are conducting some preparatory drills for a Mideast War, these drills are turning out to be defensive drills designed to ward off Iranian counter-attacks after an Israeli strike.

From Special Source in Israel:

“When Barak comes back home he will report to the Govt. that there is little hope of stopping Iran militarily with anyone's help. Instead, Bibi and Bark will decide the date for an Israel attack. Very disheartening.”

“When will the attack occur? Discussion is on going but Israel has come to terms that they will take on the task so when? No magic globe to tell you, but it looks more likely before January than after that point. The clock is ticking.”

There is some speculation that the Israeli government has been preparing for an attack around the time of Hanukkah. This year Hanukkah is celebrated from December 20 through December 28.

Speculation also has been raised that Bibi and Barak have consulted with some rabbinical prophecy experts related to Ezekiel’s prophecies and those found in ancient rabbinical writings.

These experts have wide ranging views on Ezekiel’s prophecies. One group of theorists claim that Ezekiel’s Magog prophecies started with Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait in 1991 and that Ezekiel’s prophecies were interrupted or put on a temporary hold which resumed on/after 9/11 when the U.S. declared war on Afghanistan. From hence forth, the Magog prophecies were to continue until Iran and her proxies would become engaged in war with Israel.

Still other views are that Ezekiel’s Magog prophecies commenced with the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and that the war is to be a 10 year event or thereabouts, with the final phase being conflict with Iran and her confederation.

Interestingly, none of the rabbinical views consider Russia to be Gog or Magog. Such views are based upon a strict interpretation of the term “land of Magog” in which Ezekiel is told to face the “land of Magog” and issue the prophecy towards the land.

Rabbinical traditions dating to around 300 B.C. indicate that the “land” was located in what is present day eastern Iran, western Pakistan and Afghanistan. Of course, the prophecy also includes allied nations such as Libya and central/east Africa, such as Sudan and Somalia as well as portions of northern Iraq, Syria and Turkey. The nation of Russia is not considered to be a part of such a coalition involved directly in any invasion efforts.

There is one rabbinical view that suggests the Magog attack will coincide with Hannakah in December of this year. For that reason, Israeli leaders have reportedly made private inquiries with certain rabbinical eschatologists for further clarification on such prophecies as part of an effort in planning a strike against Iran.

Rumors are swirling throughout Israel, speculating on when the IDF may launch military operations and against whom first. There is much speculation that the IDF will engage either Hamas in the Gaza Strip or Hezbollah in Lebanon prior to an attack on Iran. Still other speculations suggest that ‘surprise’ is required against Iran’s nuclear facilities so that an attack on Iran will precede operations against Israel’s neighbors.

The main point though is that Israeli strategists are convinced that an Iran strike will result in an all-out war with Israel’s neighbors within hours of an initial strike on Iran. Israel can only hope that Iran will lash out at the U.S. and Europe in such a way that will provoke and force U.S. and European military action against Iran while Israel deals with her own neighbors.

Israel views the window of opportunity for striking Iran will close by the Spring of 2012 and thus, Israel “MUST” attack Iran before April of 2012 or else be forced to take on Iran after it becomes a nuclear power, in which case, Israel knows it will be decimated by a first-strike nuclear attack from Iran at a time of Iran’s own choosing. So Israeli strategists believe it is better for Israel to take its lumps now rather than later.

Hezbollah on High Alert

Hezbollah forces went on high alert for war readiness shortly after the mysterious explosions at an Iranian missile warhead facility on November 12. The reason for the high alert was triggered by fears that the explosions were part of a sabotage effort from either Israel or the U.S. as a diversion ahead of a full-scale air strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Hezbollah’s call-up of all its reserves demonstrated Hezbollah’s readiness to assist in Iran’s defenses by attacking Israel as part of an Iranian counter-attack after the start of an Israeli or “Western” air campaign. While Hezbollah leaders are anxious to engage in warfare with Israel, it is clear that Hezbollah will only do so after receiving orders from Tehran.

Gaza Strip Rocket Attacks Halted

Thanks in part to Egyptian mediation between Hamas leaders and Israel, the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip have stopped. While the Egyptians wish to claim credit for their mediation efforts, there is an ulterior motive behind the halt.

The rocket attacks resumed as a response to the mystery explosions inside Iran on November 12. The rocket attacks were coordinated with Hezbollah’s call up of reserve forces to display Iran’s ability to order a counter-attack by its ‘proxy’ armies bordering Israel. While Iran was concerned about the possibility of an impending Israeli air strike shortly after the explosions, the primary purpose was to demonstrate to the world that Iran would make good use of its proxy forces by immediately attacking Israel via those proxy forces.

The only hole in Iran’s counter-attack demonstrations was the absence of a Syrian response. Frankly, Syria cannot spare ground forces for operations against Israel since the regime is fighting rebel forces inside Israel. Syria’s only ability to respond would be with ballistic missiles tipped with WMD warheads. For that reason, Syria’s absence from a displayed response was due to the extreme nature of the response planned against Israel at the appropriate time.

The “Oops Moment:”

What Sarkozy & Obama Really Think of Israel's PM

During the G-20 Summit held earlier in November, an incident unfolded that has proved to be somewhat embarrassing for President Obama and his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy. They were reportedly caught in a candid moment expressing their exasperation with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu - with the French president referring to him as a "liar".

The remarks were part of what the American and French leaders believed to be a private chat after a news conference in Cannes, France earlier this month during the G20 economic conference. The pair were still wearing microphones, and some journalists who still had their headphones on for translation caught the remarks, which were first reported by the French photo agency Arret Sur Images.

A Reuters news agency reporter who was also present has since confirmed the exchange. As the two leaders discussion turns to Israel and the Palestinians, Sarkozy is first to express his distaste for the conservative Israeli Prime Minister.

"I cannot bear Netanyahu, he's a liar," the French president was heard to say.

In response, according to the account by Arret Sur Images, Mr. Obama sympathizes with Sarkozy's frustration, saying, "you're fed up, but I have to deal with him every day."

There is no immediate indication as to whether a recording of the private conversation exists. Arret Sur says all the reporters present in Cannes who were privy to the exchange agreed not to publish details.

It is unclear why Arret Sur decided to go public with the details late on Monday, days after Mr. Obama returned to Washington, or whether they were among the French organizations which agreed to the alleged no-report pact at the time.

The White House, when asked about the exchange by the New York Times, would not comment. Both France and the U.S. are urging Israel and the Palestinians to relaunch negotiations on a final peace agreement.

The initial topic of discussion which led Sarkozy and Mr. Obama to their apparent Netanyahu-bashing was France's support of the Palestinian's bid for membership in the United Nations cultural agency, UNESCO.


Impact of the “Oops” Moment

Of course, we’ve known that since Obama’s first meetings with Netanyahu, especially during the Netanyahu visit to the White House when Obama rudely treated the Israeli leader, by giving Netanyahu a stack of reports to read and a list of demands that required the Prime Minister to agree upon and sign in order to retain U.S. aid to Israel. Obama then left the leader alone while the President went upstairs to have dinner with his family in the family quarters.

The stunning open-microphone comments have further heightened Netanyahu’s distrust of Obama’s motives and promises. Those comments have further eroded a ‘team’ relationship between the two leaders concerning the Iranian nuclear situation. Our sources indicate that Netanyahu is convinced that President Obama will never attack Iran unless absolutely, positively forced to do so by severe political pressure from the American people and Congress.

Other Israeli politicians had taken a more positive but still wary view of the American president, hoping that in the end, he will come around to doing the right thing and tacking the Iranian problem with a military solution, sooner rather than later. Such optimimism is based upon recent briefings from Obama Administration briefings alluding to U.S. plans for an attack on Iran. Such recent briefings had indicated Obama’s willingness to launch a coordinated military attack on Iran with an alliance of a dozen other western nations.

These briefings were reflected in our previous Digest edition describing plans for an Allied-NATO coalition, military campaign involving air, sea and ground operations inside Iran. It now appears that these briefings were perhaps a ‘window-dressing’ campaign designed to hold back any Israeli pre-emptive strike until the ‘window of opportunity’ for military action had passed. It seems, Obama has concluded that it is better to live with a nuclear-armed Iran than risk a military clash that could destroy the world’s economy at a time when Obama needs a healthy economy to be re-elected.

On the flip-side, Obama IS indeed prepared to launch military action against Iran, but only if it could help get him re-elected. Some of the President’s aides have advised the president that an Iranian attack coming in the fall of 2012 could be just the sort of political ‘surprise’ that could get him re-elected even with a bad economy. Political consultants note that U.S. voters tend to support a “war” president for re-election during a time of war. For that reason, American military action against Iran cannot be ruled out but Israeli leaders have deemed that the fall of 2012 will be too late, even for American action, as it will produce even greater suffering for Israel next year than if Israel acts alone in the next two months.

One thing that might hold Israeli leaders aside from independent military action would be if they conclude that Israel simply would be too isolated in world opinion by attacking Iran prematurely. On the flip side however, key Arab nation leaders, such as those in the Persian Gulf have been privately urging (begging) Israel to take military action now against Iran before it is too late. The Persian Gulf leaders are now convinced that Obama will not take timely action against Iran. They view Israel as their only hope for thwarting Iran’s quest to become a nuclear power.


Allied Strike on Iran Unlikely?

Postponed due to Economic Crisis?

As we noted earlier…

It now appears that the White House and Western Allies are having second thoughts about launching military action against Iran. Why? “Money.”

Within 48 hours of the IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program and the ensuing saber rattling, key NWO proponents (particularly from the banking sector) began surfacing in the mainstream media espousing economic concerns over military action against Iran. These reports expressed fears that a military confrontation would trigger a global economic meltdown. Why such a concern?

Knowing the Illuminated agenda for 100+ years in advance, one would think that the Illuminists would have already put all of their financial ducks in a row and be ready for the final stage to begin, yet comments by key bankers suggest otherwise, or do they? Is is possible that such negative comments are just part of a further, smoke-n-mirrors campaign? The answer to that question is a definitely possible ‘yes.’ Have the Illuminist bankers spotted a fatal flaw in their planning? Perhaps.

It seems that their assets are not as fully protected as needed or desired and apparently their attempt to instigate a New World Order is at risk until all of their key assets are fully protected. This is one potential conclusion that could be drawn from the anti-war comments being floated around. Yet, such such flaws seem unlikely, given the fact that the Illuminists have had 130+ years to plan for this hour.

We strongly suspect that such negative remarks are but a smoke-screen and cover to detach the NWO crowd from being accused after the fact of engineering a bloody war that brings about a New World Order and a global government.

In other words, we suspect that the excuse for not attacking Iran due to money problems is a cover to deflect any anticipated accusations of manipulating and triggering a bloody war that kills millions of people. If the money problems excuse is indeed a smokescreen for plausible deniability then we can look for a war to break out fairly soon. Yet, there are alternate triggering mechanisms available to the N.W.O. crowd for a bloody global war. What are those triggering mechanisms?

The Middle East is fraught with various war triggers that could go global. These triggers include:

1. Syria attacking Israel. Assad attacking Israel in last resort to save his regime.
2. Hezbollah fully attacking Israel with or without orders from Tehran.
3. Hamas fully attacking Israel, with or without orders from Tehran.
4. Iran triggers a war with Arab neighbors during an attempt to foment Shiite Revolutions.
5. Sabotage or an accident inside Iran, might trigger an Iranian ‘first strike.’
6. An Assassination or attempted assassination of Iranian, Syrian or Arab leaders.
7. A regime change inside Iran with ultra-radicals taking control and launching a war.
8. Israel launching a first strike on Iran in defiance of N.W.O. “readiness.”
9. Hezbollah or Hamas tempting Israel with a small “event” that escalates into a war.
10. Collapse of the EU and or current financial system.

Such triggers could easily keep fingers from pointing to the Illuminists as the cause for war and enable their “engineered” war to start at the appointed time.

Of course, there’s also another consideration to remember: God’s Sovereignty. If their planned war does not fit into God’s prophetic time-table then the Illuminist’s plans will be thwarted. So far, God has thwarted such plans to maintain the prophetic timelines to His calendar and not to Satan’s calendar.


Stay Tuned ,,,