Ron Reese (1 Nov 2011)
"Response to Angie W."

Hi Angie,  In response to my post on 10/29/11, you wrote, "Your Roshashana (starting date) of 9/26/11 is incorrect."  I have re-read my post, and I believe you should also re-read it, as there is no basis whatsoever for your statement.
In my entire post, I never mentioned Roshashana.  I never mentioned a "starting date" for the new Jewish year.  I never mentioned 9/26/11.  I never mentioned any date in September of this year.  Nor did I even indirectly refer to any of these topics.  So, your post has absolutely NO basis for anything that I wrote.
I did mention OCTOBER (not September) 26th, as possibly being the 2nd (not the 1st) "new moon" day of the Jewish civil year.  In Genesis 7:11, referring to the day that the Great Flood started, we read, "in the 2nd month, in the 17th day of the month..."  According to Strong's Concordance the word "month" in this verse means "new moon". 
Nine out of twelve sources that I checked, put the 2nd "new moon" date, at October 26th.  If this is the correct date of the 2nd new moon, then 11/11/11 WOULD BE THE 17TH DAY OF THE 2ND MONTH (from the 2nd new moon).  This means that we COULD have a possible BIBLICAL date for the Sudden Destruction in these last days.  "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the coming of the Son of man" (Luke 17:26).  Because I am convinced the Rapture and Sudden Destruction will occur on the very same day, 11/11/11 has BIBLICAL implications to possibly be the day of the Rapture.
If not, then very possibly this COULD be our 40-day warning day (the sign of Jonah?), because it takes us to another VERY BIBLICAL day of Hanukkah Eve, Dec. 20--21, 2011.  Angie, we ALL need to make sure that we get our facts straight before we write a post, especially a rebuttal post.  May the Lord bless you in your end-times study, as we ALL anxiously await our Lord's SOON Return.  What a day that is going to be!
Ron Reese