Rob (23 Nov 2011)
"Is the Antichrist a Muslim ???"

Is the Antichrist a Muslim????



    In my humble estimation, I do not believe that Antichrist will be a Muslim, and here is why.



   I believe that Satan has been, is, and will continue to use Islam for the purpose religious extremism, upheaval and finally as cannon fodder for his Antichrist; have you noticed how zealous Islam’s followers are, just how much over the top these people are and how much at the forefront of the world’s problems and wars Islam is.


   I believe that Islam is being stirred up greatly by the puppeteers in the background; they don’t even know they’re being used, to bring about a world wide collapse and war that the Antichrist will put down with great forcefulness.


  In bringing about his new world religion; a lawless (without Torah) religion of anything goes, where you are your own god, he must show how the religions of today are in error, misinterpreted, not what was intended by “the space brothers” that seeded us here, and the cause of world conflict.


  About the time this happens we will be in the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation (The Great Temptation), and the testimony of Yehovah given by the followers at that time will be called “Taking Away the Peace of the World Again” and that it can not be permitted, or tolerated; followers of “The Way” will be mercilessly hunted down and killed.


  There are probably many other reasons, but I feel that this is the main one.


  That’s what I believe.


Yehovah be with you;