Rene (21 Nov 2011)
"How the WH plans to pay off all that Chinese Debt"

Soon, and very soon - you will wake up one morning to find out that you no longer OWN your home or the lot it stands on. It will be deemed "GOVERMENT PROPERTY," meaning the government has STOLEN it from you!!! Same for your car. They will either start charging YOU RENT on property that you may already have been paid off - that is one way to pay off the Chinese debt.
OR --- they will tell you that you must vacate the property and find somewhere else to live (like your local concentration camp)? while YOUR home and YOUR land is turned over to a family from China to take possession of! Don't think this won't happen? Just go back and read the news articles about the Kentucky solider arrested for espionage. He claims that they are already letting in thousands of Chinese soldiers through the Canadian border. Why do you think this is happening - so we can all play ping-pong together? Yeah - right!