Regina (9 Nov 2011)
"Re: 11-11-11 and purpose for America;Frank R Molver (8 Nov 2011)"

Hello Frank and all, my apology for not clarifying the date. It is terrible that the skulls are crossing America as though idol worship was the "enlightened" path in which to lead Americans.
America was founded on faith in Jesus Christ. People survived by the grace of God. In the same edition, Of Plymouth Plantation, mentioned in the post, pg 115, it records that the Pilgrims landed at Cape Cod on Nov 11, 1620.
William Bradford made it clear in his journal that although other reasons existed for coming to America, that faith in Christ and wanting to spread the gospel message was important to them. Even if they were stepping stones for others to carry on the work, they willingly became stepping stones for the gospel.
11-11-11 pagan, mayan, new age, deceptive, satanic ritual is the same lie that was told to Eve in the garden.  Did God say? Is there a better way that God did not reveal to you but I (Satan) will reveal to you? You will not surely die but you will be enlightened to be as god. Enlightenment? Its a great fall into darkness. A fall to eternal death. If anyone not a Christian reads this, run away from this deadly lie like you would run from an attacker after you. Reach for Christ, ask forgiveness for unbelief and sin, accept His forgiveness and live. Read the Bible which is the truth.
The idol worshippers are "landing" on America's opposite shore on this Nov 11. God is not fooled and will not be mocked.
Judgement will come upon an unrepentant people.