Randy Larson (21 Nov 2011)
"Prayer request"

Good morning all of you that I call my family of believers.
This is a request for you to pray.  A bit of history first.

A few days ago my lawnmower quit working.  During the summer, I
had seen a bunch of lawnmowers sitting in the driveway of someone
here in town.  I made a mental note that I would have to check into
this person because it seems like I'm always having problems with one
yard machine or another.  When my lawnmower quit on Thursday, I
went to the guys house and we arranged for him to come pick up my

As we spoke, he told me that his wife was in the hospital here in town,
and elaborated on her health history, but then he asked what I though
was an odd favor; he asked me if he could call me to help him get his
wife into the house when she left the hospital.  I assured him that it
would my my pleasure.  I suspected that perhaps he was not LDS,
because if he were, he would have just asked someone from his
priesthood group.

Today, he called.  She was released, and they were leaving the hospital.
I changed clothes and went to his house to help him.  We got Caralee
out of the car and into a wheelchair (she is 74), and as I was wheeling
her into the house, she thanked me and said; "We're all alone here.  We
have no one to turn to for help.  We're outsiders.  " BINGO!

Caralee is Jewish, and Don is non-practicing Mormon (hasn't been in a
Mormon church during most of the 50 years of marriage.)  I told her
that we are outcasts in our community because we aren't Mormon.
A friendship has been born.  Now there is a need for your prayers.

I just know that this is being orchestrated by our God.  Pray that they
will both come to a saving knowledge of our Savior.  Pray that I won't
get in God's way.

Pray as you are led, but here are a few thoughts.  Her health is really
bad.  I don't know just what yet.  Their 50th anniversary is coming up
in December.  Thanksgiving is just next week.  They have three children
living in the SLC area.  They don't see much of them.  Don made it a
point to say that they made a pact when they got married that they
would never let religion come between them.  He is diabetic.

Thank you so much.