Randy (8 Nov 2011)
"This much we KNOW for SURE.....on the nearness of the Rapture.....good article"

Writer's conclusion:
While no signs of the times specifically relate to the time of the rapture, this does not mean that there are not signs relating to God' s overall prophetic plan, specifically to His preparation of the world for the time of the tribulation which will start after the rapture.
This approach has been illustrated as follows: If one sees signs that Christmas is coming (the tribulation) then Thanksgiving must be even closer (the rapture). I am excited when I survey current events that indicate that our Lord is indeed setting the state for the tribulation and His return. This means that the signless event of the rapture of the church is likely near.
The sooner the better!!!!!!!!!!!!  YFIC,
There certainly is ALOT of stuff going on right now.....
The MOST telling and exciting is ISRAEL considering the strike on IRAN.....this is the most "chatter" we all have ever heard on this.....  TICK TOCK????  I hope....