Randy (4 Nov 2011)
"Joel Rosenberg's new book:  The Tehran Initative....like reading CURRENT NEWS out of Israel and Iran!!"

Excellent Book!!!  
The part about Israel preparing to (and doing) a SURPRISE attack on Iran......as a pre-emptive strike...... reads like it was taken right out of TODAY'S NEWS!!!!! 
There was a post today (  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/nov2011/jay113.htm ), by Jay........ these headlines sure seem to tell us all HOW CLOSE WE ARE TO AN ISRAELI PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE ON IRAN.
It will be the world's WORST KEPT SECRET when Israel goes after Iran!!!!!! 
With all the other news going on right now........the main stream press seems to be MISSING the tension build-up in the Middle East. 
Could that strike be soon?
Could the Rapture be far behind?
I've been watching for this pre-emptive strike, like most of us, for well over 4 years...
PS.......The news has supposed, that Netenyahu "cleared the path to the strike on Iran" by getting the captured Istaeli soldier back in that incredible 1000 for 1 swap with the Palestinians. ISRAEL IS OUT OF TIME!!!! The US isn't going to do it.......IT'S JUST LIKE IN JOEL'S NEW BOOK.........JUST LIKE IT!!!  WOW!! 
BTW, did the you see the news about how the Palestinians SNUBBED Tony Blair at the recent talks???  WHAT A BUNCH OF CHILDREN!!!  My gosh.......I feel like I'm back in grade school again....... UGH!!