Randy (29 Nov 2011)
"Surprising DISCONNECT between Price of OIL and price of GAS at the pump..."

For the past few years, EVERY time the price of OIL went UP, the price of GAS at the Pump went UP as well.
Have you noticed recently, while the price of OIL has jumped 10%, from $90 to $100 per barrell....the price of gas has steadily been going DOWN over the past 5 months???
Just filled up today, here in central Florida, and the price of gas was DOWN to $3.19 !! Lowest I've seen it in a long time!!
Not sure what it all means.....but this WORKS FOR ME!!!
PS....My guess is:
1) Price of OIL is UP due to the possibility of war between Iran and Israel....and/or Iran will start raising oil prices due to the new sanctions.
2) Price of GAS is DOWN, due to less driving in the US due to the economy?  Thus, you have an oversupply of gas, versus demand for gas by less drivers.
What comes next??   Hey, IF Israel goes after Iran in a pre-emptive strike.....
1) IRAN will cut off oil supplies in the Straight of Hormuz
2) OIL prices will go up dramatically
3) People in the US, and around the world, will be CRYING AGAINST Israel, for causing the price of gas to go up....BOO HOO!!!  lol.....
(As long as gas stays LOW, people in the US, as a whole, don't care about the daily plight for the safety of the Israeli's......But if the price of gas goes back in the $4.00 + range......they will turn on Israel quickly!!
Reminds me of a statement made by the public when Pres Clinton was involved in the sex scandal...and I NEVER FORGOT THIS....it was so TELLING about our slide into immorality....
"As long as the stock market is UP, I/we don't care what the president in doing in the White House with women." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmm, at the end of Clinton's term the stock market FELL APART, and the next 10 years are now known as the "Missing 10 years" from the US Stock market.  Maybe, a price WAS PAID for this moral slide!
And now....the Obama administration is throwing the rest of our Moral Code under the bus.....I hate to think how much worse things are going to get before the Rapture....but I digress...........................
4) The Middle East goes UP FOR GRABS militarily speaking......  I will watch with wonder what happens next IF all this starts to accor!!