R1000 (24 Nov 2011)
"Rob   :   about the  Antichrist  ?"

From   R- 1000
Rob... I respect your way to look at it when you ask if the antichrist is a muslim or not .
But  If  I  tell you my  way  of looking at it  or  somebody's way   ... then  I  might be on the wrong road.
But the way I  want to look at it and find the answer to that question about the antichrist  ,  I  will have to go and look in the Bible and find  what the WORD  tells us.
In    1 John 2 : 18 - 22    the truth is there ,  found.
... he  who denies that Jesus Yeshua is    the  C H R I S T ...   there we have it plain and simple..       One cannot look elsewhere.
There are many antichrists... we just have to look at who believe not  Jesus to be the CHRIST   ;  and there we have them. They are also called :   LIARS !
May God YHWH  come in HIS glory  to save us all.
In Yeshua 's  holy  name
R - 1000