Paul N. F. (29 Nov 2011)
"Today, Ask God to Remove Every False Trust"

Today, Ask God to Remove Every False Trust

          By A. W. Tozer

          The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked:
           who can know it?  Jeremiah 17:9

             Many of us have become extremely skillful in arranging our
         lives so as to admit the truth of Christianity without being
         embarrassed by its implications.

             We arrange things so that we can get on well enough without
         divine aid, while at the same time ostensibly seeking it!

             We boast in the Lord, but watch carefully that we never get
         caught depending on Him!

             To many, Christ is little more than an idea, or at best an ideal:
         He is not a fact!  They talk as if He were real and act as if He
         were not.

            We can prove our faith by our committal to it---and in no
         other way!

             Any belief that does not command the one who holds it, is
         not a real belief: it is a pseudo belief only.  And it might
         shock some of us profoundly if we were brought suddenly
         face to face with our beliefs and forced to test them in the
         fires of practical living!

             What we need very badly these days is a company of
         Christians who are prepared to trust God as completely
         now, as they must do at the last day.  For each of us the
         time is surely coming when we shall have nothing but

             Today is the best time to invite God to remove every
         false trust, to disengage our hearts from all secret hiding
         places, and to bring us out into the open where we can
         discover for ourselves whether we actually trust Him.
         This is a harsh cure, but it is a sure one!
         Yours in Christ,
         Paul N. F.