Pineman (8 Nov 2011)
"To ANGIE W  RE: Obama"

Dear Angie & Doves:

Thank you for your very thoughtful response to my vid posting.

When I first saw the picture of President Obama in the video I had to laugh. It reminded me of the churches that had pictures of President Bush hanging in their sanctuaries.

I think that this young preacher is wise in not trying to identify the AC. Over the years I have processed a great amount of information regarding the Antichrist. Everybody thinks they have pegged the AC.  And they all have Biblical proof that their man is the one. While instructive it could be considered a waste of time.

A revealing is a revealing and we are told that the AC revealing happens after the Rapture. The book of Revelation is a revealing but to apply that to the revealing of the identity of the AC before the rapture, is a non sequitur.

I, too consider that there could be two raptures; both pre-trib. The first one would be on Ascension Thursday and the second one a split second before Rosh Hashanah, 2012.

I would not want to be a castaway and have to wait for the second rapture.