Pineman (28 Nov 2011)
"Ron Reese"

Dear Ron & Doves:

In the end times we are in a transition from it being about Jesus & the Churches to being about Jesus & the Jews. 

The simple truth is that there has been no confirmation of a covenant.  I really don't care how many Bible Scholars say otherwise. Talk of health care reforms, etc. confirms nothing. I think that some Americans (of the U.S. conservative variety) are amero-centric. Lisa Taylor said it best: "Think outside the box, but not outside the Scriptures."

Following are the three Youtube videos of the Barack Obama 30 minute Infomercial, Oct 29, 2008. It is typical Americano, with the Democratic candidate reaching out to the middle class who are being hammered by the system.  Nowhere did I see the Jewish Sanhedrin give so much as an endorsement to Candidate Obama's plan.

How many American presidents have been pegged as being the AC? Of course the current one has to be added to the list. There are some really good studies on the net with much better candidates for the AC than President Obama. I think it is wise to keep our eyes on Jesus rather than trying to chase down the AC, however.

Your multiple choice interpretations of how Rosh Hashanah will be fulfilled are not very satisfying (I was looking for "none of the above").
Although I disagree with Dan Matson, his interpretation of Rosh Hashanah makes more sense!

Once a watcher enters into a mid-trib position other things shift also. They confuse the tribulation set-up for the actual tribulation. 
Infusing Biblical principles with personal bias distorts rather than illuminates!


250 Reasons for Pre-Trib Rapture by Sharon Moles

Sharon says: "I offer a challenge to any mid- and post-tribbers, and to the pre-wrath people, too. SHOW ME 250 SPECIFIC reasons why your positions are true. Until you can do that, with indisputable, LITERAL and SPECIFIC scriptures, then I will REMAIN CONVINCED that the Pre-Trib Rapture is the CORRECT interpretation!"