Paul Wilson (9 Nov 2011)
"RE: Obama's Logo - The Break of Dawn"

So if I read psalm 46 because my body is the temple of God I am then also the Anti-Christ???? Or do I have to read it at the twin towers??? How many preachers over the years has read that passage?? How many rabbi’s??? Are they all Anti-Christ?????
Sometimes a cigar is JUST a cigar. We must careful not to read so deeply into things we place meaning to them that are NOT there. While yes I doubt seriously that he is Anti-Christ this is the flimsiest argument ever. Because he read from the bible the words printed in it that say I am God then he must be declaring himself God. By that same logic by reading John 14:6 I am saying I am Jesus.
I will also mention many muslims are upset with him for not doing enough for the PA and not ending the wars sooner and not turning the USA to islam many Christians think he is a muslim secretly so they don’t like him and the Jews think he is the worst thing that could happened to them short of reviving hitler. How can so many be AGAINST him and then accept and praise him??
In the future I would recommend waiting till you know for sure whether a person said something or not before mentioning it especially when dealing with a version of the bible and it’s accuracy or lack there of. If you are going to condemn something based on someone's words you must be positive about the words. I only use the KJV myself and sometimes a interlinear bible I have but from all that I have seen in of the NKJV it’s difference from the KJV is that it uses more modern language that is a bit easier for some to read.  Also if you do find the person said what they said if you could link to a resource so it could be viewed by all.
Nicole (5 Nov 2011)
"Obama's Logo - The Break of Dawn"
So I see this video at the time of 5:16 and I see Obama's logo of the "break of dawn" and how he reads Psalm 46.   This logo may not mean anything to you guys, but to me it speaks volumes about how he is the new temple.   For the rooster would crow at the break of dawn to AWAKEN people, and the Levites in Jesus time were the ones identified (as Rob has showed me) as the ones to awaken people to temple service as the rooster.

And just to let you guys know, Obama reads Psalm 46 out of the New King James Version, NOT the King James Version of the Bible.   I was listening to a man named Stephen Dollins from the Prophecy Club who presented videos called The Occult in Your Living Room and he came out of the satanic church to become a on fire born again preacher.  I believe I remember him saying that the New King James Version MINIMIZES THE POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.  Anyways Stephen says he advises to stick with a version that maintains the integrity of Jesus' blood.  I cannot remember if he said to stick with the King James but that is what I am assuming, I would have to rewatch the videos but I think that is what he said. 

Now, you decide WHY Obama read from that version then if what Stephen Dollins is showing is true!   You pray to the Spirit about the version of the Bible you need to read!!   Not here to debate anyone, I am just trying to show people the DEPTHS of the evil, they cross their T's and they dot their I's.

Jonathan Kleck shows in his video how Obama is declaring he is standing in the "temple" of God, declaring he is god.

Why would a man who is the number one person of influence in the world, who has won the Nobel Peace prize, who has been heckled the antichrist, who reads Psalm 46 declaring he is god, and then reads from a version of the Bible that minimizes Christ's blood?   Hmm, to elevate himself?  

And check out the new Twilight movie coming out in November 2011, it is called Breaking Dawn.   The are ready for the antichrist!   The new dawn of the new age of Aquarius, the rooster crowing to declare the "temple" service for the antichrist.