Paul Wilson (3 Nov 2011)
"Re: Jewish tradition on the False Messiah; that he will be a GENTILE that won't fool Israel"

Sorry but if it is a choice between scripture, which is of GOD, and tradition, which is of MAN, I choose SCRIPTURE! Jesus says they will accept this coming man as they should have accepted him. Since he was to be accepted as messiah, fully not just partially, and was not likewise this imposter coming in his own name must be accepted AS MESSIAH (fully).
While I am not certain why they flee in the middle of the UPCOMING (we are NOT in it) trib it may be that only when he proclaims “he is god” that they will THEN reject and kill him and flee his wrath when he rises from the dead. I would imagine he would be quite hacked off at them for killing him (the opposite of Jesus who forgave those who killed him). We know through Revelation that he will be attacked and killed and in Zechariah we are told how. We know in Revelation that after he is raised from the dead he is full of wrath and attacks those who are worshiping the true God.
Jovial (2 Nov 2011)
"Jewish tradition on the False Messiah; that he will be a GENTILE that won't fool Israel"

Jewish tradition teaches that in the last days, the False Messiah will rise up out of Rome and claim to be God and will tell Israel to "bring me the Torah I gave to you."  Israel will reject him BECAUSE he is a Gentile, knowing good and will that the Messiah will have to be Jewish and war will break out between the False Messiah and Israel.

The Scriptures do indeed make it clear that Israel will go into exile when the Beast rises to power.  It says in Revelation 11 that the Gentiles will trample on the Holy City during the final 42 months.  If they accept the False Messiah, they would not go into exile.  They go into exile because they reject him.

There is a lot written in Jewish tradition on this topic and it is in unusual agreement with Revelation as well.  Most of it has never been translated into English, and some of it that has has been translated badly.  But if you can read Hebrew, check out Otser Midrashim, which probably has one of the best summaries of this topic that is available.  But in essence, Jewish tradition predicts nothing but war between the False Messiah and Israel.

Shalom, Joe