Paul Wilson (15 Nov 2011)
"Iranian Nukes"

It is my belief they have nukes purchased from former Soviet states or from Russia (the soviets still run things they just changed hats). They only need to be able to get these nukes into warheads and warheads on to long range missiles (which some say is what they were doing over the weekend). It would probably have been easier to moved the nukes that weren’t already in warheads so they have to put them into warhead form. They probably have already moved smaller, suitcase sized, ones into the USA via what is laughingly referred to as our southern border. They are probably waiting for orders or for some event. While we don’t like Iran our government is full of Anti-Semites so I don’t think we will get involved till after Israel’s  initial attack (rather than attacking Iran ourselves) and also, possibly, after an “Iranian” terrorist attack on us (I wouldn’t put it past the government to attack us then blame Iran for justification for war against them). Even without involvement in the initial stike we will be blamed for it. With Russia allied with Iran they will then attack us. The old soviets have been waiting 20 years to settle the score.
I had a dream in 2003 with 4 bears attacking my old house which I think was symbolizing the USA. Ever since we moved dreams I have involving a house are always the old house not the one I am in currently.  My dream is at: One was Russia, one was China, one was N. Korea and one I didn’t know at the time but I now believe was Iran. The bears size I think has to do with the size of their nuclear arsenal. The first 3 are commies and the last is islamic fundamentalist aligned with them. In the dream the attack is swift, devastating, and deadly (sudden destruction??). The new moon is coming in a couple weeks, and there is after that one more this year and that one is during Hanukkah (Christmas eve to be exact).