Paul Wilson (15 Nov 2011)
"RE: Obama and the Amerikan Genocide"

they won’t escape so easy in God’s court. And his records CAN’T be destroyed! PP must answer for the blood of over 52 Million dead babies, from abortion, it has helped shed in the past 38+ years. Millions more from contraceptives that cause the death of a fertilized egg, a human being at that point, in the past 50-60 years I think.
When it comes to crimes against kids I have zero tolerance and I am only human. I personally subscribe to the punishment of Luke 17:2! I think murdering a helpless preborn child would count here. And with this world the millstone business would be booming.
Mark Rouleau (14 Nov 2011)
"Obama and the Amerikan Genocide"

Many of you from Illinois will remember how our President shamelessly supported Planned Parenthood's opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection act which protected the human life of infants who were born alive who's mothers didn't want them.  Hard to believe but he was opposed to protecting live humans after they were born simply because they weren't wanted.  See Nurse Jill Stanek's heroic documentation of this travesty in case you don't know the history.
Well this murder linked up with Kathleen Sebelius who he appointed as head of the Department of Health and Human Services (when she got elected as Kansas Governor she helped to try to put an end prosecutions of Planned Parenthood for its complicity in covering up rapes of juvenile women by older men).  It now seems that Sebelius's Kansas administration and Planned Parenthood destroyed records relating to the cases that Planned Parenthood is being prosecuted for.  It seems that this destruction of evidence regarding criminal prosecutions is a criminal act under Kansas law.  This is simply an outlaw administration from the top down.  They need to go.
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Mark Rouleau