Paul Wilson (14 Nov 2011)
"Curious Does This Make Sense??"

Since Christ was conceived either Kislev 24 or during Chanukah and to Jews that is the start of a persons life not birth and it could be said that the Christian era started then, since his life started then, that the Christian era should or could close on the same date??? Or must the Christian era start at his birth or his death????
The new moon would occur during Chanukah and I would think a new moon would be better for a bombing raid then a full one since the enemy could see you better in a full moon. I am not a military person so I don’t know about that. The new moon this month happens on the 25th but should be spotted on the 26th my B-day. (the rapture would be an awesome present) On the 24th turkey day the moon should be at only about 1% so I imagine that would be low enough if the new moon is the best bombing time. Didn’t someone’s son have a dream with a cornucopia???? (could that be reposted or at least a link to the post mentioning it be posted???)
Yes I am aware of the Bethlehem star site I think they are wrong on their date, birth and death, and NO I don’t wish to go over all that again.