Paul Wilson (12 Nov 2011)
"Re: Paul Wilson and Marilyn re; Presidents reading Psalms"

I did NOT tear into her I simply rebutted what she was saying. The last paragraph was simply a suggestion not meant to condemn. The 3rd paragraph is stating the realities. I have the right to say my opinion and say I disagree with what someone said and why I disagree. I do often speak my mind without pussyfooting around. I am not one to sugarcoat something. I understand tact but when I see a weak argument being presented as solidly fulfilling scripture I think I should point out it is weak. I pointed out two obvious alternative scenarios using that same logic presented to show the weakness of the argument. I am sorry if she took it harshly but I say the same again. If we stop rebutting and refuting people over what we see as errors in interpretation because we don’t want to hurt someone's feelings we might as well stop discussing things period. None of us has a perfect interpretation of scripture only Jesus does thus we will disagree and we must be allowed to discuss and rebut.
Mercer (11 Nov 2011)
"Paul Wilson and Marilyn re; Presidents reading Psalms"

I m ust say Paul you really tore into Nicole.....And Marilyn, I was asking that question regarding them, Bush and Obama, reading Psalms because of what I learned at the Bible prophecy conference I attended. It was Tom Horns "future Congress"
It is a well known fact amongst the "giants" of bible prophecy that both Bush's, Clinton and Obama are Illuminati or better put, Luciferians. They use scripture to communicate in code to their faithful brethern. I had a great talk with Doc Marque (ex-illuminati) so after that he taught me what to look for.
I am confident that Bush and Obama were signaling that "things/evil" shall now be going to a higher level. You see it OWS, middle east, music, and the deplorable state of human mankind. Just look at the Penn state child sex sickness we read about.....
I think Nicole deserves an apology and my post better consideration........I know what I am writing about.