Patty Hayes (5 Nov 2011)
"Re: The Halloween Controversy"

Having healed from ritual abuse, I do not take lightly this issue. I can remember many years ago when a Christian
woman who came out Satanism, being a former witch wrote much on the topic.  She revealed how many Warlocks/Witches infiltrated the churches, posing as Elders, Deacons, Pastors and the like.  She said they tried to infiltrate the Sunday School Denominational and Para Church leadership to alter the SS Cirriculum to water it down and to evenutally make nominal the churches.
When her books hit the Christian bookstores someone would come in and purchase them all and walk away with them, the books never to reach the hands of the Christians. I know as I went to purchase her book and the manager told me this was going on.  Each time this woman's book was published they got confiscated so no one else could read her materials.
She did get interviewed once or twice and never heard from again that I am aware of and you never see anything she
has written.  I know when I worked for a local church I encountered critical Satanic attacks.  One time received a phone message on the church phone by a man claiming to be Satan and threatening to bomb the church. I won't go into further detail but will tell from time to time it got scary.
This woman did speak to Halloween in detail and if you read about Moloch in Scripture, you know it is not wonderful.  I just will not have association to Halloween for what does light have to do with darkness?  Could your "witness" be condoling the Satanic holy day?  When watching Fox News it seemed as it was the "Christian holy day" as they got up in arms when a school said no to kids celebrating the day and it was as if we Christians celebrate Halloween just like Christmas.  Those two days have nothing in common with each other.  There are other days to witness.  I know as I have spent years passing out tracts at the malls, pier at the beach, on the street, at the movie theaters and tell others about Jesus when the opportunity is ripe.
My input..
Patty Hayes