Patricia S (5 Nov 2011)
"Will Jesus come this week, ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!!!"

 Below are many alerts.

Did you know that this Sunday is the Day of rememberance of Noah and his family boarding the ark?

Do you know that 11.11.11 is the illunimati (evil world controllers headed by satan himself) a very special day for them - will the antichrist arise and take over the world on this day, this being the case, then Jesus would have already come and taken his own to be with him and out of harms way.

If you havent already, now would be an excellent time to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and commit you life to him, ask him to forgive all your sin and turn away from sin immediately - no continual sinners in heaven, the Bible says so.  If you want to go to Heaven for eternity, then dont delay.

Do you know that there is a Huge Solar flare on Nov 8 that should affect the earth by 10th and the probability of this causing the many active volcanoes in the earth to erupt in a big way is more than likely causing huge devastation and Tsunamis that could wipe out the west and east coast of the US, plus many other nations?

Yes there is also a planned Tsunami alert time for 9th - 10th Nov.  now thats odd but true.

Do you know that an asteroid will be coming very close to the earth on 8th Nov, some say it is in line to hit the earth or the moon.

Do you realise that 9/11 was 10 years ago - the Bible talks about 10 days of tribulation (10 years)

People have been looking for a 7 day warning (7 years ago was the massive earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people - just the start of more to come wasnt it)

People have also been looking for a 3 day warning (3 years ago was the start of the world economic meltdown)


"Israel test long range Jericho nuclear missiles - Warns Iran of pre-emptive nuclear attack.

IAF fighter jets conclude lengthy, long distance missions exercise in Italy.  Home front command to hold miltiple casualty rocket attack simulation on Thursday. 

November 8th unprecedented I. A. E. A. report issued.  Report will prove that Iran is working or or has nuke - There is gaining a world-wide public support for an Iran strike!!  Report could bring world to breaking point on WW3.  Feas is that Iran may fianlly disclose to the world its possession of a nuke.  Us could then boycott Iranian rule..which act Iran calls an "act of war".  The wild card is Syria.

United Kingdom deploying Royal Navy ships to assist Israel and the U. S. in Iran strike.  Iran warns that "world will burn".

Iran warns - There will be nothing left of Israel or America if you strike us or Syria.  Iran on full alert!

The speed and advancement of Israeli military drills and simulations of long range missile attacks and drills concerning missile attacks on populated areas inside of Israel, deployment of Israel's Iron Dome missile defense, Arrow defense, and Magic Wand defense, together with Whirlwind of new and unprecedented public dicussion concerning the decision making process at the top levels of Israel's military about striking Iran leads everyone to believe a strike is imminent.!!

Mass rocket attack simulation on Israel set for Thursday.

United Kingdom and U. S. speeding up Iran nuke attack.  U. K says "We will assist the U. S. military in Iran strike".

Israel must now take out Hamas.

2 flotillas now headed to Gaza - Will be there Friday.,7340,L-4143224,00.html

Israel tracks 2 Turkish Gaza bound flotillas.  Currently on their way.  Israel says "This is meant to gain media attention, and we will not let them through our blockade".

"Jerusalem was never the Capital of any other nation and we will build houses wherever we want to in our land".

Italy's debt stress is "dangerously close to a level that will cause pandemonium in financial markets".  The point of no return has been reached.  Judging from the sequence of events in Greece, Ireland and Portugal, if LCH Clearnet would impose higher margin requirements it could revert.  This trigger is 450 points over a basket of AAA benchmark bonds.  The spread reached 388 on Tuesday, with 2 more days of violence from this point"

London leading security expert warns of imminent cyber world war.  "I don't want to speak about it.  I don't even want to think about it," he said.  But we are close, very close to cyber terrorism, perhaps already the criminals have sold their skills to the terrorists--- and then..Oh God".

New Japan nuclear reactor crisis is afoot.  Xenon ow bing detected at the Fukishima nuclear disaster site.  Possible serious problems.  Resumption of nuclear fission in recent days.

Japan's Prime Minister drinks a glass of water from Fukishima site.  Under pressure from news media to prove that water is "safe".  (Bet he's nervous!!).

Bar code reading front to middle to end = 666 in computers.  But people read it as 11-11-11.  Food for thought..will something happen on 11/11/11?

David Wilkerson's Times Square Church prophecy says:  "One European nation will default, then within 2 weeks Mexico will default.  We will survive the first default (European-Greece??).  Because most money is owed to European banks it is mostly a European problem.  But Mexico owes 80% of its debt to the U. S. That's 15 billion that will be withdrawn per hour from American banks as soon as Mexico defaults.  Instantly violence and all hell will erupt bringing the entire army out to control the unrest.  As soon as the first European nation defaults, get your money out of the bank or it will be too late....This coorelates to exactly what Lindsey Williams told everyone.  America, he said, has 2 weeks from the time to act.

Economist says two financial nukes explode in one day pushing global collapse into fast forward/overdrive.

1.  Brankruptcy of global monetary fund

2.  Greek bombshell to place Greek bailout decision into the hands of the Greek citizens for vote in a referendum.  This has forced market frenzy.


Defense is preparing for imminent eruption of El Hierro volcano in the Canary Islands.  U. S. east coast in danger of tsunami???

May Jesus find us watching


Gerry Almond